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Summer 1999 Volume 4, No. 3

Kate's Corner

I hope all of you are enjoying the easy pace of summertime. The folks here at Outreach are taking some time off in July for vacations, so we decided to replay some of our favorite articles in this edition. These articles come from past SEE/HEAR, P.S. NEWS!!! and VISIONS newsletters. Many of them are available in English on our website, but have not been available in Spanish. Some of these have never been included in the archives in either English or Spanish. We hope those of you who have read these before will benefit from a second read, and those of you who have never read them will find them interesting. Look for more reprinted articles in future issues of SEE/HEAR.

One member of our Outreach staff will be extending her vacation this year. Millie Smith has decided to retire and start traveling outside of Texas for a while. I will miss Millie's wit and wisdom while she's away, but I know we can lure her back now and again. Call it denial, but I predict we haven't seen the last of her, and I am so glad. Millie has made a significant contribution to children with visual impairments in Texas as well as many of the professionals serving these children. Those of us who have had the priviledge to work with Millie know that she has a true passion for helping these children acheive satisfying and successful lives. Her work in the classroom, as an Outreach consultant, as an author, and as an advocate atest to this passion. All of us in Outreach wish Millie a bon voyage and many good adventures this next year.

It is with sadness that I mention the passing of two friends of the deaf-blind community, Dennis Richardson and Pete Palasota. Dennis was one of the first children I taught who was deafblind. Actually, he was the teacher, and I was the pupil. Pete Palasota, another of my teachers, was father to Chris and Jason, husband to Sheryl and a strong advocate for people who are deafblind. I'll miss them both.

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