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Summer 2006 Table of Contents
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CHARGE Syndrome Parent Manual

CHARGE Syndrome Foundation, Inc. (Information release provided via email by Neal Stanger, President CHARGE Syndrome Foundation, Inc., Hastings on Hudson, NY.)

Abstract: information on how to obtain the CHARGE Syndrome parent manual

Key Words: CHARGE syndrome, CHARGE Syndrome Foundation, parent manual

CHARGE Syndrome, a management manual for parents, version 2.1” is available as a free resource online through the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation website. It is broken it down into over 30 chapters that can be downloaded separately, or the entire 269 pages can be downloaded as one file. Please feel free to use this resource and to share with others, whether online or by burning onto cd’s for them. You can view the CHARGE manual index at <www.chargesyndrome.org/resources-manual.asp>, or you can follow the links from our home page at <http://www.chargesyndrome.org/>.

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