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Summer 2005 Table of Contents
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New from Sprint Relay: Online Services!

From the <sprintrelayonline.com> website

Abstract: Sprint Relay services now include capacity to make a call from any internet connection. The Sprint website provides information about this service.

Key Words: Sprint Relay, accessibility, deafblind, assisted communication devices

Assisted communication devices like TTY/TDD’s keep everyone talking – but they don’t fit in your pocket. Don’t let location or equipment accessibility limit your ability to make Sprint Relay calls. With Sprint Relay online, place calls from any internet connection. There’s no need for traditional teletype (TTY) equipment. The Web interface can handle the conversation. Sprint Relay Online is a free service that combines traditional relay service with the ease of the internet.

Communicate on the go. Point your browser to <www.sprintrelayonline.com> and begin typing your conversation to a Sprint Relay operator, who will then read aloud the typed conversation to the person listening on a standard telephone or wireless handset. The operator will then type that person’s words and read them back to you.

Make appointments from an internet cafe. Catch up with friends from the library’s computer area. Call home from the school’s computer lab. There’s no charge – long-distance or local – with Sprint Relay Online.

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