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Summer 2005 Table of Contents
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Labels for Literacy Program

Original article by Ann Foxworth, Braille Consultant, Division for Blind Services; updated by Beth Dennis, BCP/Transition Consultant, Division for Blind Services

Abstract: This article describes the Labels for Literacy Program, a free Braille labeling service.

Key Words: Braille, Labels for Literacy Program, labeling system, household organization.

Have you or your consumers ever had the experience of opening the wrong can or even the wrong medication container? Imagine preparing to sit down to a hearty bowl of soup, only to open it and discover that you are about to feast upon a hot, steaming bowl of fruit cocktail!

Labels for Literacy is a program designed to place more Braille on mainstream products in order to increase the usage and understanding of Braille and to bring equality of access to brand and product information for the blind and visually impaired consumers. According to the Labels for Literacy website, the program’s mission includes three important goals.

  1. Develop a comprehensive Braille labeling system that will provide the opportunity for all persons, blind and sighted, equal access to label information.
  2. Proliferate the production of Braille on mainstream products such as consumer goods labels to promote the use and understanding of Braille, therefore increasing Braille literacy.
  3. Allow consumer packaged goods organizations the opportunity to advertise and communicate their brand’s identity on an equal basis to all consumers.

The Labels for Literacy program will accomplish this by producing sheets of self-stick labels that identify common brands and products in large print and in Braille. These labels will then be distributed at no cost to blind and visually impaired individuals nationwide.

Vocational Rehabilitation Teachers with the Division for Blind Services have received these packets to distribute to consumers. Consumers and parents may also obtain the packets by contacting Labels for Literacy directly at: The Labels for Literacy Program; Tel: (866) 32-LABEL; <info@labelsforliteracy.com> <http://www.labelsforliteracy.com> .

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