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Summer 2005 Table of Contents
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Book Review: Reflections from a Different Journey: What Adults with Disabilities Wish All Parents Knew, edited by Stanley D. Klein, Ph.D., and John D. Kemp

Excerpted from <http://www.disabilitiesbooks.com/topics.htm>

Abstract: this article reviews a collection of essays written by successful adult role models who share the experience of growing up with a disability.

Key Words: disability, blindness, parenting, role models, Stanley D. Klein, John D. Kemp

Most parents of children with disabilities lack personal experience with adults with disabilities. Hearing from people who have lived the disability experience can provide all parents with essential information about the possibilities for their children.

Reflections from a Different Journey : What Adults with Disabilities Wish All Parents Knew (McGraw-Hill, 2004), edited by Stanley D. Klein, Ph.D., and John D. Kemp, who also wrote the book’s Afterword, includes forty inspiring and realistic essays written by successful adult role models who share what it is like to have grown up with a disability. In preparing their essays, the authors were asked to write about something they wished their own parents had read or been told while they were growing up.

Brimming with a wealth of life-affirming lessons, Reflections from a Different Journey offers many specific suggestions for parents as well as older children with disabilities, family members, and the education and health care professionals who serve them.

Stanley D. Klein, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and frequent speaker to parents and health care and education professionals from Brookline, Massachusetts, has worked with children with disabilities and their parents for fifty years and has received numerous national awards for his work. A cofounder and former editor-in-chief of Exceptional Parent magazine, Dr. Klein has coedited The Disabled Child and the Family (Exceptional Parent Press, 1985), It Isn’t Fair: Siblings of Children with Disabilities (Greenwood Publishing Group, 1993), You Will Dream New Dreams: Inspiring Personal Stories by Parents of Children with Disabilities (Kensington Books, 2001) and From There to Here: Stories of Adjustment to Spinal Cord Injury (No Limits Communications, 2004).

John D. Kemp is a successful Washington, DC attorney and lifelong advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. With the Law Firm of Powers, Pyles, Sutter & Verville, P.C., Mr. Kemp represents the legal and professional interests of a wide range of for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations. He is a frequently sought-after speaker, giving up to fifty keynote presentations each year. Mr. Kemp has been recognized for his work on behalf of people with disabilities, including service as the 1960 National Easter Seals Poster Child, 1991 membership in the Horatio Alger Award of Distinguished Americans, the Freedom of the Human Spirit Award from the International Center for the Disabled and an Honorary Doctorate of Laws and the Distinguished Alumni Fellow Award from his alma mater, Washburn University Law School.

Reflections is available at <www.DisABILITIES BOOKS.com> and other bookstores. For a list of other topics that Dr. Klein often speaks about, please go to <http://www.disabilitiesbooks.com/topics.htm>.

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