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Summer 2004 Table of Contents
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Head of Deafblind Medicaid Waiver Retires

Abstract: Steve Schoen, who created the Texas Medicaid Waiver for people who are deafblind with multiple disabilities, has retired from the Texas Department of Human Services.

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The Texas Deaf-Blind/Multiple Disabilities Program lost a strong advocate for people with deafblindness when Steve Schoen retired from the Texas Department of Human Services in June. Steve has been a champion for this program ever since he took the position almost 15 years ago. Steve was instrumental in converting the program to a Medicaid Waiver that allows individuals age 18 and older to access funds to support them in living outside of institutional settings. This includes support to individuals living both with their families or in the community, allowing them to having meaningful days and continued opportunities to learn. The program also provides funds to allow children and adults who are deafblind to attend a one-week deafblind session of camp near Dallas each year, and funds the annual DBMAT weekend Family Conference at Camp John Marc.

We will all miss Steve and the excellent job he has done, but we know that he will enjoy pursuing other interests such as playing the piano in jazz clubs. Though he may no longer be the man to call for questions about the Deafblind Waiver, we have every reason to believe he will continue to be involved in advocating for services to people with deafblindness. Thanks Steve, for all the good things you have helped bring about for individuals with deafblindness and their families.

We welcome Cindy Eilertson as the new program administrator, and look forward the continued health and contribution of the Texas Deaf-Blind/Multiple Disabilities Program.

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