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Summer 2004 Table of Contents
Versión Español de este artículo (Spanish Version)

Assessment CD-ROM Now Available in Spanish

Abstract: "Child-guided Strategies for Assessing Children Who Are Deafblind or Have Multiple Disabilities," developed by Dr. Jan van Dijk and Catherine Nelson, is now available in Spanish.

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Traditional assessment methods are often very stressful to young children who are deafblind or have severe multiple disabilities. The information that is gained from such assessments may be unreliable and inaccurate as they fail to take into account the impact that disabilities including sensory impairments, motor disabilities, communication deficits, and health concerns have on each of the interrelated developmental areas.

Based upon many years of assessing children who are deafblind, Dr. Jan van Dijk and Catherine Nelson designed an interactive CD-ROM that guides users through an assessment process that provides information that is useful to educational planning and creates opportunities for children to demonstrate their best potential in a comfortable, secure format. The children guide the process as the assessor meets them at their level and discovers how they learn and can best be taught.

The Assessment CD-ROM is now available in a Spanish, Windows version for $40. (The accompanying 28 page booklet has not been translated from English.) The English version of this CD-ROM can be purchased for $45, in either a Windows or Mac format.

The CD-ROM "Living with CHARGE: Assessment, Prevention and Intervention of Challenging Behavior," developed by Dr. van Dijk and Dr. Arno de Kort, is also available. It contains up-to-date information about the syndrome.  Using an interactive format, four children are discussed in depth, their behavior is analyzed and suggestions for intervention are discussed or demonstrated.  The CD-ROM will help family members, doctors, teachers and other service providers become more aware of the enormous impact CHARGE has on the unique behavioral and learning challenges of children with this syndrome.

To purchase any these resources, send a check or money order payable to:

Mr. Joe Franken
4619 Spyglass Drive
Dallas, Texas 75287

Indicate "Assessment Spanish," "Assessment Windows," "Assessment Mac" or "CHARGE" on the check or money order.

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