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Home Talk: A Family Assessment of Children Who Are Deafblind

DB-LINK has announced that the final version of HomeTalk: A Family Assessment of Children Who are Deafblind is now available for your use.

HomeTalk is an assessment tool for parents and care providers of children who are deaf-blind and have other disabilities. It is designed to help them participate in their children's education by giving them a way to provide a broad picture of a child's skills, special interests, and personality. Home Talk was developed by the Bringing It All Back Home project, a collaborative effort of Design to Learn Projects at the Oregon Health and Science University and the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University. It is available for free from DB-LINK. Phone: 800-438-9376. TTY: 800-854-7013 E-mail: dblink@tr.wou.edu

The project has one request: if you plan to use HomeTalk for an educational meeting (e.g., IEP meeting, annual review, transition meeting), please provide some feedback about your experience. They have a short form that they will mail or e-mail to you to complete, or they can interview you by telephone (10-15 minutes). Please contact Harvey H. Mar, Ph.D (hhm1@columbia.edu, 212-523-6235) or Charity Rowland, Ph.D. (rowlandc@ohsu.edu, 503-238-4030) if you are able to assist.

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