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Summer 2002 Table of Contents
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Welcome to SEE/HEAR!

By Cyral Miller, TSBVI, Director of Outreach

We selected transitions of all kinds as a general theme for this issue because summertime is not only a time for vacation; while school is out major changes are happening for children and their families.   Students who completed their educational studies face

significant decisions on where to go next, as transition plans suddenly become actual blueprints for life, not abstract words on triplicate forms.  Many children are transitioning from elementary to middle school or high school, and growing internally, physically and emotionally to face new challenges. 

You will notice changes in SEE/HEAR as well.  Starting with this issue, Kate Moss is transitioning from her role of editor-in-chief, a position she has graced for 14 years, to become a contributing writer.  Her job with Deafblind Outreach will change, too, from family training and support to teacher training.  Look for her in classrooms around the state, helping develop quality student programs.  Many thanks to Kate for steering SEE/HEAR at such a high level of excellence, and for her years of personal, caring support to families across the state.  Although Kate will shift her focus, the Deafblind Project will maintain our emphasis on family issues with the new hiring of Edgenie Lindquist for the family support position.  Edgenie has been a Children’s Program Consultant at TCB and TCB editor of SEE/HEAR, with experience working with and for families of children with visual impairments for over 15 years.  She is a Certified O&M Specialist, committed professional, and wonderful addition to the Deafblind Team.

Craig Axelrod, our exacting layout editor, is going to relinquish his role in order to have time to work with Kim Conlin, Tish Smith, and other TSBVI staff to create a new instructional CD-rom under the advisement of Dr. Jan van Dijk.  The lucky new editor-in-chief will be the talented David Wiley, supported in layout design by Carolyn Perkins. 

Our personnel changes come are mainly due to the retirement of Robbie Blaha.  After pioneering and then being an integral member of the statewide deafblind technical assistance project since 1982, she hopes to transition to a very part-time basis next year.  It is impossible to overstate the incredible impact that Robbie has had on developing services to students with deafblindness in Texas and beyond--we are so pleased that we will continue to benefit from her expertise in deafblindness.

Another retiree will be Nick Necaise.  His is a well known voice across the state, helping and cajoling VI teachers and O&M specialists to order free materials for their students from the American Printing House for the Blind, and registering students with the Texas Education Agency each year.  He will return to work part-time following retirement.

So enjoy your summer, and your transitions, and this issue of SEE/HEAR.  We are all growing and changing this season, and resting up before the busy and productive year ahead! 

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