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We Finally Made It!

By Susie Welch, Parent, Big Spring, Texas

We never thought we’d see the day when our son, Jaceson, would graduate from high school!  You work so hard with the school to give your child a program that will be meaningful to him, and think that he will always be in school.  Then one day, “Oops!” he’s graduating.

While attending the last assembly for graduating seniors, Jaceson was presented a Special Achievement Award for being one of the most admired students.  The award stated that he served not only as a role model for the students but for the staff as well.  Jaceson’s

lack of verbal communication didn’t stand in the way with his peers.  It made them not only take an interest in him, but also accept him.

Graduation was quite a sight!  When they called Jaceson’s name, the entire senior class and everyone else in the whole auditorium gave him a standing ovation.  He walked up proudly to get his diploma with the help of Inez Salazar, his intervener.  A friend later told me, “There wasn’t a dry eye in the place.”  It really made us feel good to see that our son was so well liked and accepted by the kids.  They really loved him.  He acted so proud, smiling from ear to ear!  Paul, Jaceson’s dad, and I never cried so hard!

Jaceson (in cap and gown, Kris Larson (his teacher), and Inez We had worried about him when he first started at Big Spring High School because he was the youngest child in special education.  Over the years, we were lucky to have interveners, teachers and a school diagnostician on our team, who helped up implement a program for  Jaceson that worked.  I also know that Jaceson never would  have  gone far if the staff from Deafblind Outreach hadn’t always been there to guide and support us. 

So if you wonder whether the struggle is worth it, I can say yes it is!  Miracles do happen, and for us, Jaceson actually graduating from high school is a miracle!  Don’t think your work will be over, though, when your child is out of school.  It will start again as you enter the world of adult services.   But by working together with family, friends and adult service providers, we know that Jaceson will have many more miracles in his future.

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