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Summer 2002 Table of Contents
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Mail or e-mail your new classifieds to Jim Durkel at: TSBVI Outreach, 1100 West 45th St., Austin, TX 78756, or JimDurkel@tsbvi.edu 

An up-to-date Statewide Staff Development Calendar is posted on TSBVI’s website at www.tsbvi.edu

Blind Multihandicapped Association of Texas ( DBMAT)

30th Annual Statewide Family Conference and Workshop

“The Missing Piece”

A Fun-Filled Learning Weekend for the Entire Family

October 11-13, 2002

Camp John Marc, near Meridian, Texas

For more information, contact:


815 High School Road

Seagoville, Texas 75159-7137

972-287-1245  214-370-3938


On the web at www.dbmat-tx.org    

Discovery: The Low Vision Conference 2002

September 26-28

Location: The Congress Plaza Hotel, Chicago, IL

Contact: Chicago Lighthouse at jrimkus@chicagolighthouse.org 

2003 Texas Symposium on Deafblindness

February 7-8, 2003

Raddison Hotel in Austin, Texas

Please mark your calendars now for the upcoming Texas Symposium on Deafblindness!  The event will bring together families of infants and school-aged children with deafblindness and the professionals and paraprofessionals who serve them.  They will have the opportunity to hear a host of experts discuss various aspects of programming for children and young adults with deafblindness.

Funding is available to assist families to participate in this event including costs related to travel, childcare, and registration.  Special opportunities will be available for families and professionals to network and socialize.

Out-of-state participants are limited but welcome.  We will not have funds available to assist these individuals with conference costs.

Registration flyers will be mailed out this fall to our SEE/HEAR readers.  Information will also be available on the TSBVI website at http://www.tsbvi.edu/Outreach/vi.htm .  You may also contact Beth Bible at 512-206-9103 or email her at bethbible@tsbvi.edu to request a registration flyer. 

Closing the Gap Conference

October 17-19, 2002

Location:  The Radisson South Hotel, Bloomington, Minnesota

Contact:  Sarah Anderson, Closing the Gap, Inc.

P.O. Box 68, Henderson, MN 56044

(507) 248-3294 or (507) 248-3810 (fax)



2002 Virginia Murrray Sowell Center

Distinguished Lecturer Series

“Providing Quality Instruction in the  Expanded Core Curriculum”

September 27 & 28, 2002

with Dr. Phil Hatlen, Superintendent, TSBVI

& Other Guest Speakers

Texas Tech University, Lubbock

Virginia Murray Sowell Center

 for Research and Education in Visual Impairment,

(806) 742-2345 or (806) 742-2326 (fax)

Website:  http://www.educ.ttu.edu/sowell/VSC_pages/Lecture/lecturerseries.html  

National Braille Association Fall Regional Meeting & Workshops

October 17-19

Location: Mariott, Overland Park, KS

Contact: NBA at (716) 427-8260

Sensory Loss for the Elderly Population: Confident Living Program

October 21-25

Location: Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults, Sand Points, NY

Contact: Sr. Bernadette Wynne or Theresa Rose,

Helen Keller National Center

at (516) 944-8900, ext. 233 or nthknc@aol.com 

American Speech and Hearing Association Annual Convention

November 15-18, 2002

New Orleans, LA

Contact:  ASHA, 10801 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

(800) 498-2071 or (301) 897-5700 (TTY)



Orientation and Mobility Techniques for Persons Who Are Deaf-Blind

November 18-22

Location: Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults, Sand Points, NY

Contact: Sr. Bernadette Wynne or Theresa Rose,

Helen Keller National Center at (516) 944-8900, ext. 233 or


American Association of the Deaf-Blind 2003 Conference

July 12-18, 2003

San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Contact:  AADB

814 Thayer Ave, Ste. 302, Silver Spring, MD 20910

(310) 588-8705 (fax) or (510) 797-3213 (TTY)



Active Learning with Dr. Lilli Nielsen

September 9-11, 2002

 Austin, Texas 

Registration information available at: www.tsbvi.edu

Technology Institute

October 4 & 5, 2002

Austin, Texas

Registration information available at: www.tsbvi.edu 

2003 Texas Symposium on Deafblindness

February 7 & 8, 2003

Austin, Texas


April 24-26, 2003, Omni Hotel, Austin, Texas

Contact: Neva Fairchild at: Neva.Fairchild@dars.state.tx.us 

(TAER is looking for conference presenters. The Call for Papers will conclude Oct.31, 2002.  For information, contact Edgenie Bellah at TSBVI Outreach.)

Texas Focus 2003:  Focus on Tactile Learning

Keynote speaker: Dr. Sally Mangold

June 12 & 13, 2003

will be held in central Texas.

Registration information available at: www.tsbvi.edu 

Proposed Technology Distance Education for 2002-2003

Presented by Sharon Nichols and Holly Cooper

8/28    An Overview of Technology for Blind and VI students

9/18    What Does Tech Look Like for MIVI Students

10/9    Computer Accessibility for Students Who are Blind

10/30  Learning Activities for MIVI Students: Art, Cooking, etc.

11/20 Accessibility to On‑Line and CD Rom Resources for Students Who Are Blind

12/11  Integrating Low Tech and Switch Activities Into the Classroom   

1/15    What are Talking Books and How do my Students Use Them

2/19    Let’s Create Switch-Accessible Toys

3/5      Integrating Note Takers Into the General Ed Curriculum

4/16    Routines and Technology:  Activities to Make it Work

5/7      Matching Technology to the Student

Exact times have not yet been determined but all presentations will be in the afternoon.  Watch www.tsbvi.edu for further information or contact Jim Durkel at: JimDurkel@tsbvi.edu or (512) 206-9270

Proposed Math Distance Ed Presentations for 2002-2003

9/25   Abacus

10/23  Preparing for the TAKS

12/4    Consumer Math

1/22    Using Tangibles in Middle School Math

2/26    Preparing Nemeth With the Scientific Notebook

3/26    Elementary Math

Exact times have not yet been determined but all presentations will be in the afternoon.  Watch www.tsbvi.edu for further information or contact Jim Durkel at:JimDurkel@tsbvi.edu 

Fourth Annual Sports Extravaganza

October 25-26, Irving, Texas

The Sports Extravaganza is open to all students with visual impairments.  There is no participation cost.  Region 10 Education Service Center and Lions Clubs International, District 2-X1, jointly sponsor this event. Events include: a wheelchair obstacle course, 25 meter walk, 25 meter dash standing long jump, softball throw, archery, goalball. For more information and to request an entry packet, please call Kitra Gray at (972) 348-1580  or Randy Foederer at (972) 348-1570.

TSBVI Short-Term Programs 2002-2003

Fall Semester 2002

Sep. 8-13:  Technology Week (electronic notetakers, speech access for Windows)

Sep. 29-Oct 4:     Elementary IEP #1 (you pick     the objectives)

Oct. 20-25:Middle School IEP #1 (you pick the objectives)

Nov. 10-15:High School IEP #1 (you pick the objectives)

Dec. 1-6:    Math (adapted tools & technology)

Dec. 1-6:    Practical Academics  (students below grade level)

*Dec. 12-15:    Middle School Holiday Gift Making

Spring Semester 2003

Jan. 12-17:     High School IEP #2 (same as above)

*Jan. 23-26      Low Vision Weekend (modifications & adaptations)

Feb.9-14         Middle School IEP #2 (same as above)

*Feb. 20-23    Teen Getaway (social enrichment)

Mar.23-28       Secondary IEP #2 (same as above)

*Apr. 5-8 A Capitol Experience (visit & learn about legislature)

Apr.13-17        Elementary IEP #2 (same as above)

*May 1-4 Elementary Austin Experience (social enrichment)

* Asterisks mark Thursday - Sunday events.  Contact:  Dr. Lauren Newton, principal (512) 206 - 9119 or newtonl@tsbvi.edu 

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