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Summer 2000 Table of Contents
Versión Español de este artículo (Spanish Version)

Materials in Spanish for Families of and Interventionists Serving Young Children Who are Blind, Visually Impaired, and Deafblind

Reprinted with permission from SKI*HI INSTITUTE,

Working Together with Families and Children for a Brighter Future, September 1999

DB-LINK has a list of resources (articles, booklets, videos) in Spanish available for checkout. Call (800) 438- 9376 to request the list. The following papers can also be accessed on the DB-LINK website over the Internet in Spanish, www.trwou.edu/dblink, or write them for a copy.

There are a couple of newsletters available in Spanish. First is See/Hear News (formerly P.S. News), published by Texas School for the Blind. This monthly newsletter contains articles for families and professionals on issues related to deafblindness and blindness with children from infancy to young adulthood. Many of the articles are available in Spanish on their website: www.tsbvi.edu. The second newsletter is Resources, published by California Deafblind Services. This quarterly newsletter has articles for families and professionals on issues related to deafblindness in children and youth. Their website is: www.sfsu.edu/~cadbs. Many fact sheets (24) are also available from this agency on a variety of topics such as communication, light sensitivity, touch, CVI, otitis media, etc.

Vision Associates sells the two Tana Hoban baby board books, Black on White (Negro en Blanco) and White on Black (Blanco en Negro). They have several titles of children's books available in Spanish which could be incorporated in a story bag or box with tactile objects connected with the story to use with children who are blind. Some of these titles are: Margaret and Margarita, The Doorbell Rang, Lizard's Song, Ten/Nine/Eight, Chair for My Mother, Jump Frog Jump, and Something Special for Me. They can be contacted at (407) 352-1200.

The Blind Children's Center in Los Angles has several parent booklets available in Spanish. These include: Talk to Me I and II, Let's Eat, Move with Me, and Selecting a Program. Check out their website: www.blindchildrenscenter.org or call them at (800) 222-3566.

The following booklets and videos are also available in Spanish:

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