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Summer 2000 Table of Contents
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Future Horizons Review

By Jean Robinson, VI Outreach Family Support

After attending two "Future Horizon Retreats" (one in Dallas and one in Corpus Christi) I know firsthand that the time and money that goes into making this event happen is time and money well spent. I know this because of my personal experiences at the retreats, but also from the feedback I have received from the participants. About sixty families with visually impaired children spent a weekend together learning about themselves and others and also having a great time. In Corpus Christi there was an opportunity to tour the aircraft carrier, S.S. Lexington, and see the ocean. In Dallas we paid a visit to the Arboretum gardens. In both locations we had opportunities to swim, play Bingo and other games, and talk to adult mentors with visual impairments. The families who attended express the benefits of this experience best:

Personally, I will never forget the look of awe on a young brother's face when he saw the ocean for the first time. He was so overwhelmed that he wasn't even interested in eating!

Our next "Future Horizon Retreat" is in September in Galveston and will focus on children ages 6-9 with visual impairments. Remember I mentioned time and money? The money comes from a generous grant from the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (formerly known as Texas Commision for the Blind) . The time comes from many people and sources. If you are visually impaired and interested in being a mentor to these families contact me at 512-206-9418 or at jeanrobinson@tsbvi.edu. Hope to see you in Galveston!

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