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Summer 2000 Table of Contents
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DBMAT and NFADB Update

By Patricia McCallum, Secretary of NFADB, Seagoville, TX

Summertime for Texans often means mowing the lawn more often, taking a well deserved family vacation, creating activities to keep our children busily happy, and relaxing in 70 degree air-conditioned environments. Summertime for the Members and Board of the Deaf-Blind Multihandicapped Association (DBMAT) means getting ready for our annual fall family conference!

Our Membership is gathering good used or new items from their other family members, their neighbors, co-workers, and local merchants to bring or send to our annual auction activities that are held during the conference. While they are doing that, the Board is working closely with our Conference Committee to plan all the particulars necessary to accomplish a successful fun-filled learning weekend for the families and professionals who will be in attendance.

The theme of our 28th Annual Family Conference is "Stepping Stones." It will be held over the weekend of October 13 -15, 2000 at Camp John Marc located near Meridian, Texas. DBMAT serves families of persons (children and adults) who are deafblind multihandicapped, deaf multihandicapped or blind multihandicapped and the professionals who work with them. Pre-registration is required. Registration and Child Vital Statistic Forms will be in our August Edition of our newsletter In Touch. For more information about DBMAT and our conference, call (972) 287-1904, e-mail DBMATorg@aol.com, or visit our website at www.dbmat-tx.org

I also bring greetings from the National Family Association for Deaf-Blind (NFADB). NFADB is a non-profit, volunteer-based membership organization that is national in scope and advocates for all persons who are deafblind of any age and cognitive ability. NFADB's philosophy is that individuals who are deafblind are valued members of society and are entitled to the same opportunities and choices as other members of the community. NFADB is the largest national network of families focusing on issues surrounding deafblindness. We have eleven Regional Directors who serve as liaisons providing information, referral, and resources to families and professionals in their multi-state area. We work in collaboration with national projects such as DB-LINK, the National Technical Assistance Consortium (NTAC), the National Coalition on Deaf-Blindness and the American Association of the Deaf-Blind (AADB). NFADB publishes a tri-annual informative newsletter titled News From Advocates for Deaf-Blind.

For more information contact Debbie Ethridge (Arkansas), Region 6 Director, at (501) 271-8632 or Pat McCallum (Texas), Secretary, at (972) 287-1904 or e-mail Pajomac@aol.com. We invite you to visit our website www.NFADB.org.  

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