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Dreams of Being an Olympic Ice Skater

By Mayra Lopez, BVICP Caseworker, TCB, San Antonio, Texas

One of Chrissy Kobylak's latest dreams is to become an Olympic skater. We think she has the persistence to make it. Legally blind since birth due to colobomas and glaucoma, 11-year-old Chrissy is an A-B honor student and thrives on excelling in everything she does. She began skating about two years ago. Chrissy's self-esteem was low at the time and, as her caseworker, I suggested to her parents that she might benefit by getting involved in a sports activity. Her mom decided that ice skating would be a unique activity.

TCB sponsored several lessons to get her started. Chrissy absolutely loved it. She has since participated in three competitions and has won first place in each. Chrissy said, "I could do anything I want on the ice." In one of her most recent competitions in Dallas, Inside Edition heard about her and decided to do a story. They also arranged a surprise visit for Chrissy to meet her lifetime hero, Tara Lipinski. It was quite an emotional moment for both of them.

Nothing has stopped Chrissy. Her positive attitude and her determination have made her overcome all barriers in an effort to fulfill her dream. We are all so very proud of her!

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