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New Offerings from the Blind Children's Fund (BCF)

By Sherry Raynor, President, Blind Children's Fund

BCF is a 20 year old organization which represents a vast network of parents, professionals, and volunteers throughout the United States and the world, committed to providing what is needed to insure that children who are blind have optimum opportunity to live full lives.

When the BCF started there were only two books specific to the growth and development of a preschool child that was blind. The BCF has written, developed, and distributed 13 books, videotapes, and other resources to benefit parents and professionals in all 50 states, six territories, and more than 90 foreign countries. Two books, "Get A Wiggle On" and "Move It", have been translated into Spanish, French, Indonesian, Papamiento, German, Finnish, and Hebrew. Most recently, these two and another parent book, "Learning To Look", were translated into Slovak and Czech.

BCF is happy to announce two new books. The first is "Lessons" With a Child Who is Blind by Michael Brambring. This book presents an account of one family's experiences in rearing their daughter, Christina, who is congenitally blind. It is an outcome of their cooperation with the early interventionist who visited them regularly to help them with this task. The account is built around letters written to the parents after each early intervention visit. These provide a chronological account of their daughter's developmental path. The cost of this book is $20 plus $3 shipping and handling.

The second book is The Secret Code by Dana Meachen Rau. This is a long needed book for young children to understand Braille. This book was written for young children (4 to 8 years) so they can understand how blind children read Braille. In simple language and colorful illustrations it tells the story of how Oscar, a blind boy, teaches his friend Lucy how to read his Braille. This book costs $5 for paperback or $17 for hardcover plus $3 shipping and handling.

For more information about these books, contact the
Blind Children's Fund
311 W. Broadway Suite 1
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
989.779.0015 Fax
Email: bcf@blindchildrensfund.org
Website: http://www.blindchildrensfund.org.

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