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Know Your Legislature

The state legislature has reconvened in Texas. Since there are still some issues that bear close scrutiny as the legislative process progresses, we thought it would be a good idea to let you know the membership of some key House and Senate Committees. You may want to keep in touch with the work these committees are undertaking to make sure services for your child and your family are not adversely affected. You may also want to follow-up with your federal Representative and Senator and the committees on education and human services.

Texas House Human Services Committee

Tony Goolsby, Chair
Vilma Luna, Vice Chair
Leo Alvarado
Glen Maxey
Kevin Bailey
Barry Telford
Warren Chisum
Dale Tillery
Peggy Hamric
George (Buddy) West
Judy Hawley

Texas Senate Health & Human Services Committee

Judith Zaffirini, Chair
Jane Nelson, Vice Chair
David Cain
Mike Moncrief
John Carona
Steve Ogden
Mario Gallegos
Florence Shapiro
Jon Lindsay
John Whitmire
Frank Madla

Texas House Public Education Committee

Hugo Berlanga, Chair
John Hirschi, Vice Chair
Garnet Coleman
Kyle Janek
Diana Davila
Glen Maxey
Dianne Delisi
Ciro Rodriguez
Bob Glaze

Texas Senate Education Committee

Teel Bivins, Chair
Vilma Luna, Vice Chair
Gonzalo Barrientos
Eliot Shapleigh
Troy Fraser
David Sibley
Michael Galloway
Royce West
Tom Haywood
Judith Zaffirini
Bill Ratliff

Contacting organizations like AVIT so you can receive regular updates and alert information would also be a good idea. Sometimes a single phone call or letter can make a great difference in the types of services individuals with visual impairments and deafblindness receive.

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