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Editor's Corner

The 10th Annual Visions for the Future workshop took place this weekend in Texarkana for parents, professionals and students with visual impairments, and it is a collaborative effort of Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (formerly known as Texas Commision for the Blind) in Texarkana, Region 8 Education Service Center, and TSBVI Outreach. This workshop started 10 years ago as a "vision" of Marcie Glass, BVICP Caseworker. Two days of sessions included presentations by Dr. Cay Holbrook, Jenny Schooler, Doylene Land, Cecilia Robinson, Larry Skutchan, Linda Titus, Tom Billings, Judy Schmidt, and John Reynolds. One of the most exciting events of the workshop was the Fishing Tournament and Picnic at Spring Lake Park in Texarkana. Eagle Scout Aaron Shaffer planned and supervised this activity for the students (8-12 years old) who are visually impaired. Aaron completed this project as part of his work to become an Eagle Scout. After torrential rains the day before, Mother Nature cooperated by providing plenty of sunshine for the Saturday tournament. Reports are that the fish were biting. Congratulations Aaron for a job well done!

Congratulations also go out to Alison Rickerl who was given the "Outstanding Parent" award at the TAER conference that took place in El Paso on April 4-6, 1997. Alison is involved in the Houston area NAPVI group among her many other projects which include being a mom to Meglyn, Madison, and Benjamin. Alison has contributed to SEE/HEAR and is currently working with Kim Pulis from the San Antonio NAPVI group on a video project to help parents of children in Texas who have recently learned that their child is visually impaired. I have certainly enjoyed getting to know Alison and her husband, Ted, over the last few years. I look forward to working with her on future projects.

Thanks to all of those who helped with this edition of SEE/HEAR: Lindie Hunt, Elaine St. Marie, Mel Dugosh, Dr. Keith Busse, Jr., Dr. KC Dignan, Dr. Karen Wolffe, Debra Sewell, Ron Lucey, Edgenie Lindquist, the staff at Project Access, Exceptional Children's Assistance Center, and the California Department of Social Services. Thanks also to Donna Clopton, Ann Phillips, Rhonda Adams, Sally Schaefer and Sharon Trusty for sharing information about summer camps in their area. And last but definitely not least, my deepest thanks to Enedelia Maldonado for her help this past year with SEE/HEAR as the TCB Advisor. Enedelia is leaving her post to have more time with her family. I hope she will continue to contribute articles to our newsletter and to be a resource to us here at TSBVI Outreach.

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