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Spring 2006 Table of Contents
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Lion Brand Yarn Offers Free Accessible Knitting and Crocheting Patterns

By Beth Dennis, BCP/Transition Consultant,  Division for Blind Services, Austin, TX
from information provided by Garry Bowman, Teacher Consultant, Division for Blind Services

Abstract:  this article provides information regarding free knitting and crocheting patterns available from Lion Brand Yarn provided in accessible formats.

Key Words:  blind, blindness, visually impaired, knitting, crocheting, yarn, accessible

Lion Brand Yarn is now offering free knitting and crocheting patterns in speech and Braille accessible formats.  The three versions are: 

  1. Standard pdf version (includes images and text);
  2. View without Images Html version.  (formats the pattern to be read in large-format type or by text-to-speech browser or software);
  3. View as Brailler Input Html version (formatted for refreshable Braille displays or Braille software).

 They have patterns for home, adults, children, babies, toys, and animals in English, French and Spanish.  Go to the web site at <http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/index.html>.  When you have found the pattern you want, open that link and look for the links that say, “View Without Images” or “View as Brailler Input”.

To make information more useful for screen readers and Braille users, they have added color descriptions for all their yarns, and special features to the patterns and pattern directories that are not visible to sighted readers, but that make it easier to understand when they are read by text-to-speech browsers. The company welcomes your suggestions and comments.  Please send them to <support@lionbrand.com>. 

They also offer free instructions on how to knit or how to crochet. However, these are PDF files and contain both images and text and may not be fully speech or braille accessible.   

In related news, there is now a Yahoo Blind/Low Vision users group for knitting, crocheting and spinning:  <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/VIP-Ewes/>.

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