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Spring 2006 Table of Contents
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Short Classes at TSBVI

By Lauren Newton, Principal of Special Programs, TSBVI

Abstract:  This article provides information about TSBVI Short-term classes for the 2006-07.

Key Words:  TSBVI, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, short-term classes, Special Programs, vision-specific learning

Do you have an academic student or child who might benefit from a week of intensive instruction in vision-specific learning domains?  Would you like your child or student to participate in a long weekend class focusing on issues related to vision loss?  If so, you may want to read this.

About Short Classes

TSBVI Short-Term Classes serve students who are functioning at or close to grade level.  Students come from across Texas to participate in our one-week or long-weekend small-group classes. These are students whose basic needs are well met in the local school district, but who may need a short, intensive training boost in one or two disability-specific areas (e.g., technology, aspects of the braille code, math concepts or adaptations, O&M, independent living).  While at TSBVI, students also have experiences related to social skill development, interactions with other visually impaired students and professionals, and independent living. 

Students must be referred for a Short Classes by their local school district.  Students may attend more than one class each year; in fact this cycle of learning, returning home to practice, then attending another program, can be a very beneficial process for acquiring new skills. Our full week classes are the most academic in nature. They are designed to provide visually impaired learners with the kind of instructional support they may need to be successful in school.  Students are requested to bring their week’s school assignments (homework) with them.  This serves several purposes, such as (1) the opportunity to teach new skills within the context of what students are learning at home, and (2) helping students keep up with their assignments while they are away.  Before students come to one of these Short Classes, their local VI teacher and TSBVI teachers discuss the student’s current level of functioning in the skill areas selected for instruction, to maximize effective instruction as soon as the students arrive. An extensive, usable report is written after each student’s participation in a class, with the hope that local staff and parents can see what the student learned, as well as to provide useful suggestions to continue working on the newly acquired skills.

Short Classes for the 2006–2007 School Year

If you have an upcoming ARD, this could be a time to talk about and make a referral.  Please call TSBVI principal, Lauren Newton, if you have any questions about the program or if you want to make a referral to one or more classes.  Contact: 

Lauren Newton, principal, TSBVI Special Programs   


September 6 - 10

Regional Program at TSBVI: Tech for South Texas (secondary)

September 17 - 22

Secondary Technology Week #1

Oct 1 - 6

Elementary Access to Academic Skills #1:

  • Elementary Academic Access
  • Special Focus: Math Tools & Concepts

October 12 - 15 **

“Getting There” Weekend (grades 9-12)

October 22 - 27

High School Access to Academic Skills #1:

  • High School Academic Access (Oct 22 – 27)
  • Special Focus: Preparing for College (Oct 22 – 24)

November 5 - 10

Middle School Access to Academic Skills #1

Nov 26 - Dec 1

Math Tools and Concepts (secondary)

December 7 - 10 ** Middle School Independence Weekend

December 15 - 17 **

Elementary School Independence Weekend


January 14 - 19

High School Access to Academic Skills #2

Jan 28 - Feb 2

Middle School Access to Academic Skills #2

February 7 – 11

Technology Weekend (secondary)

Feb 22 - 25 **

Low Vision Weekend (secondary)

March 4 - 9

Technology Week #2 (secondary)

April 12 – 15

High School Independence Weekend

April 20 - 24 **

Capitol Experience (secondary)

April 29 – May 4

Elementary Academic Access #2

  • Elementary Academic Access
  • Elementary Technology

“Access” = VI Needs to Access the Core Curriculum
**Weekend Program: Students miss only one day of school

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