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Spring 2004 Table of Contents
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Free Braille Books

Announcement from the Braille Institute of California

Abstract: announcement from the Braille Institute of California that free braille books for children are available.

Key Words: blindness, Braille, Braille books, children, literacy

The Braille Institute of California will provide age-appropriate Braille books to children for free. This is funded through their Special Collections and is available only for children. To request this service, call 1-800-BRAILLE (1-800-272-4553) and ask for Jackie (extension 1386) in the Press Department. You will then receive a catalog three times a year from which you can choose four braille books or one Dots for Tots Kit.

Teachers, librarians, and other professionals or interested nonprofessionals can also request the same service through the Partners in Literacy Program; however, the cost is $150 per year.

More information is available on the website www.BrailleInstitute.org/Publishing/SpecialCollection.htm

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