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Spring 2002 Table of Contents
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TSBVI Short-Term Programs for School Year 2002-2003

Spring ARDs are a good time to think about an upcoming TSBVI short-term program for your student. Learn more about these programs on at http://www.tsbvi.edu/school/special/short-classes.htm, or contact Lauren Newton, Principal of Special Programs, by e-mail at newtonl@tsbvi.edu or by phone at (512) 206-9119.

Fall Semester 2002

September 8-13: Technology Week (electronic notetakers, speech access for Windows)

Sept. 29-Oct. 4: Elementary IEP #1 (you pick the objectives)

October 20-25: Middle School IEP #1 (you pick the objectives)

November 10-15: High School IEP #1 (you pick the objectives)

December 1-6: Math (adapted tools & technology)

December 1-6: Practical Academics (students below grade level)

*December 12-15: Middle School Holiday Gift Making

Spring Semester 2003

January 12-17: High School IEP #2 (same as above)

*January 23-26: Low Vision Weekend (modifications & adaptations)

February 9-14: Middle School IEP #2 (same as above)

*February 20-23: Teen Getaway (social enrichment)

March 23-28: Secondary IEP #2 (same as above)

*April 5-8: A Capitol Experience (visit & learn about legislature)

April 13-17: Elementary IEP #2 (same as above)

*May 1-4: Elementary Austin Experience (social enrichment)

*Weekend Program

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