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Spring 2002 Table of Contents
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KASA (Kids As Self Advocates)

Reprinted with permission from Family Voices
Friday's Child News, April 5, 2002

KASA (Kids As Self Advocates) is very HAPPY to announce... FORUMS! This is your opportunity to SPEAK OUT and make your voices heard. These are not your parent's forums. The forums work like bulletin boards, you can write back to subjects that are already there, or start your own. Tell us what is on your mind, take part in research and surveys to help people who work with youth hear from youth and find support and encouragement from your peers. Make some friends, have "virtual" conversations, have fun! Visit www.fvkasa.org to register, read and write! Thanks to Joshua Keys at Motion Medium for all his hard work getting these up and looking great.

KASA has a listserv. If you would like to join it, send an e-mail to kasa-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or join KASA through our website at www.fvkasa.org.

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