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Children with Special Health Care Needs Program (CSHCN) at Texas Department of Health Anticipates Changes

Reprinted with permission of the CSHCN Division, TDH, April, 2001

The Board of Health adopted new rules for the CSHCN program in April 2001. Those changes were a big step on the road to improved care for Texas children with special health care needs. However, CSHCN has a limited budget for 2002 and 2003. At present, the need for services is larger than the amount of money CSHCN has to spend.

The hard task facing us now is figuring out the best ways to serve children and families with the money we have. We will have to take a new look at whom we serve and do not serve, what services we offer, and how we administer all aspects of the CSHCN program. As you can imagine, making the best decisions will be a challenge, and it is not yet certain when final decisions will be made. At this point, CSHCN is already making cuts in staff and administrative expenses. We are also looking at possible changes to CSHCN services, contracts and other aspects of the program.

It is very important to us to base decisions on input from the people whom the decisions will most strongly affect. Various groups and individuals have already made some suggestions. TDH and the CSHCN Advisory Committee are currently discussing issues and possibilities for the future of the CSHCN program. (The Advisory Committee includes 9 parents of children with special health care needs.) We believe that parents and families of children with special health care needs are an important source of guidance. Your input can help us make intelligent, caring, well-considered program changes, so that CSHCN can work within its budget to be the best program it can be.

CSHCN plans to gather a great deal of input from providers, clients and families in the coming weeks. We hope you will be willing to let us know what you think. CSHCN will provide a number of opportunities for you to comment, including public hearings (to be announced on the CSHCN website and in the Texas Register). Please feel free to call, fax, e-mail or write to us with your questions, comments and input. You may also want to check future issues of the CSHCN Parent Newsletter for updates on the program review process. Thank you for partnering with us to do the very best we can for Texas children with special health care needs.

Contact Children with Special Health Care Needs Division - Attention CSHCN Implementation Team, 1100 W. 49th Street, Austin, Texas 78756, E-mail: cshcn@tdh.state.tx.us, Phone: (800) 252-8023, ext. 3110, or (512) 458-7111, ext. 3110; or Fax: (800) 441-5133.

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