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Spring 2001 Table of Contents
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Interesting Facts from the Year 2001 Annual Registration of Students with Visual Impairments

By Nick Necaise, APH Materials and VI Registration Coordinator, TSBVI Outreach

The Annual Registration of Students who are Visually Impaired (VI) is the count of eligible students who are visually impaired in each school district of Texas as of the first Monday in January. The "as of" date for this year's Annual Registration was January 2, 2001. This count is done for a number of reasons. 1) It determines the amount of funding the state receives to get materials from the American Printing House for the Blind. 2) Each region's State Supplemental Visually Impaired (SSVI) funds are portioned out according to the number of VI students they have. These SSVI funds can help pay for things like Vision Specialists at the Education Service Centers, salaries of VI teachers and O&M Specialists, training workshops, family support and other VI-unique needs as determined by plans within each region. 3) It is a tool for statewide and regional planning. 4) It is a federal requirement. Here are some interesting facts from the registry that give us a picture of students in Texas with visual impairments.

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