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Spring 2001 Table of Contents
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Just a Typical Teenager

By Kate Moss, Family Specialist, TSBVI, Texas Deafblind Outreach

Kassandra Marie Luna, otherwise known as KC, is just a typical teenage girl from Laredo, Texas. She likes to spend her time talking on the phone to friends, listening to her CDs (preferably rap), and practicing drum cadences. During the school year she attends her local school, where she takes a regular schedule of academic classes. She is a good student with an easy going personality. Her qualities are apparent to all those who know her, which led to her being voted the 1999 Christen Middle School Homecoming Queen.

Although she enjoys her experiences in her home school, she likes to attend summer school classes at Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. It's nice to be around other kids facing the same or similar challenges. She also likes learning more about technology for people with visual impairments.

Some of her other favorite things include visiting relatives in San Antonio, Houston and other parts of Texas. She also likes taking vacations with her parents, Sandra and Luis Ramirez.

KC was born prematurely and has Retinopathy of Prematurity which resulted in her becoming functionally blind. Despite some of the challenges her visual impairment adds to life, KC plans to graduate from a university with a degree in rehabilitation counseling. She would like to live in a larger city, marry and have children eventually.

When asked not long ago how would she change the world if she could, KC replied, "...by giving teenagers much more freedom to do what they like, excluding anything having to do with a criminal nature. I would try to make people understand the blind more and have them stop being overprotective of us."

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