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Spring 2001 Table of Contents
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Short Classes at TSBVI

By Dr. Lauren Newton, Principal of Special Programs, TSBVI

About Short Classes

A little over a year ago, TSBVI implemented an additional approach to serving academic students: SHORT CLASSES. Approximately 70 students, from all around the state, attended a short class during the 2000-2001 school year! The purpose of short classes is to serve students who are functioning close to grade level and whose basic needs are well met in the local school district, but who may need a short, intensive training boost in one or two disability-specific areas (e.g., O&M, independent living, technology, aspects of the braille code, math adaptations). While at TSBVI all students also have experiences developing social skills, interacting with other visually impaired students and professionals, and independent living. Most classes are one week long.

Students must be referred for a Short Class by their local school district. Students are requested to bring their week's school assignments (homework) with them. This serves two purposes: (1) the opportunity to teach new skills within the context of what students are learning at home, and (2) helping students keep up with their assignments while they are away. Before students come to a Short Class, their local VI teacher and TSBVI teachers discuss the student's current level of functioning in the IEP skills selected for instruction, to maximize effective instruction as soon as the students arrive.

Short Classes for the 2001-2002 School Year

Below is a listing of Short Classes for next year. If you have an upcoming ARD, this could be a time to talk about a possible referral. Please call TSBVI if you have any questions about the programs. Notice that two different program options are provided to support local IEP objectives:

1. Disability-specific programs with a pre-determined curriculum

Independent Living Skills

Two programs - each scheduled for two 3-day weekends. Students must attend both weekends.

Technology (secondary students)

Each program is one week in length.

Math Adaptations (for students going into algebra or geometry)

2. Individualized Instruction on any Disability-Specific IEP Objectives

Students will work on objectives jointly selected by LEA & TSBVI

Short Time Away From Home

There are many reasons students and families may want to consider a short program at TSBVI. Here are just a few:

For more information about these programs call, e-mail or visit our website at www.tsbvi.edu, or contact Dr. Lauren Newton, Principal of Special Programs; Phone: (512) 206-9119, E-mail: NewtonL@tsbvi.edu

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