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Fall 1999 Table of Contents
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By Nancy Adrian, Volunteer Coordinator 
North Texas Taping and Radio for the Blind, Dallas, Texas

There are some well-kept secrets in Dallas, Texas - approximately 2,400 of them - and they are multiplying rapidly. `THEY" are the 2,400 titles of recorded books waiting for listeners in the library of North Texas Taping and Radio for the Blind. Never waiting to gather dust, these books are educating, instructing and entertaining thousands of children and adults across the state - people with vision impairments, learning disabilities and those with the inability to pick up or hold their books and magazines.

Of course, there are other sources for recorded books. The National Library Service, city and county libraries, American Foundation for the Blind, American Printing House, local commercial firms which rent and sell books on tape - all with their benefits, all with some drawbacks. So, how is NTTRB better (or worse) than these?

At NTTRB, we read on request books sent to us by our clients. Once completed, and if deemed to have a wide appeal, the books go into our standing library for distribution to everyone. Herein also lies our one drawback - speed of completion. Because we utilize strictly volunteer readers, the time it takes us to produce can create an embarrassment for us and an aggravation for our clients. Most, however, have learned that our readers are wonderful, and with our other benefits, the wait is worth it.

At NTTRB, we utilize standard two-track cassettes. This makes the bundle which arrives at your door a little larger, but this enables you to play these recordings in the car, on a "Walkman", or on any regular tape player.

At NTTRB, we believe you probably like some books so much that you'd like to keep them around for a second or third listening. We also know that moving tapes back and forth sometimes gets to be inconvenient. Thus, the recordings become your property. We don't want them back. Besides, if you leave them in the car on a 100+ degree-day, or spill the morning coffee on them, we'd rather this be your problem. We will, rest assured, replace the damage at no cost. If, however, you receive a book and don't like it at all, do send it back. Somewhere out there someone is aching to hear it.

At NTTRB, all we ask to get the process started is a phone call to our 800 number - no application or enrollment forms required.

At NTTRB, the cost to you is NOTHING. As long as you live within the state, we send your recorded books through the mail as "FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND", at no charge to you, our listeners.

So you see, there are some differences! Hopefully enough to make you curious enough to give us a try. With as much talent as exists within our agency, and with the amazing time and devotion our volunteers give to the production of the recordings, we want their voices to fulfill the mission which brings them in to read in the first place. Catalogs of our recorded books are available for a phone call. Sorry, no copies in Braille or on cassette - they change daily, and would require an inordinate amount of time to keep updated.

Well, the secrets are out! Please, give us a call at (800) 871-7668 or (214) 871- 7668. Our fax number is (214) 871-7669. Direct your inquiries to Sharon Komorn or Nancy Adrian and they will make certain you find many books worth listening to.

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