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Letter to Laurie

By Roxy Wade Sauer, Sister, Spicewood, Texas

This article appeared in the first edition of P.S. News!!!, September 1987


I'm not you -
You're not me
But, do you know that if it weren't for you
I wouldn't be me?

I've learned so much from you - my little sister
I'll never be able to explain it to you,
You'll never know - it hurts.

But then again maybe you do.
Sometimes you communicate better than most people I know.

You understand me on your level,
I understand you on mine.

Do you remember the time
You held my head in your lap as I wept?
I do - so very well.

I know you're frustrated, sister,
You have so much to tell and such limited means to do so.
I'm frustrated, too.

Sometimes you make others angry.
But has anyone ever thought,
About how many times they've made you angry?

You have the rights everybody else does.
You express yourself differently and that's okay.
You're okay.

I'm glad you're my sister and that
You are and will always be a part of me and my life.

With all my love,
Roxy (Laurie's Sister)

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