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Fall 1999 Table of Contents
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TSBVI Outreach, 1100 West 45th St., Austin, TX 78756, or durkel_j@tsbvi.edu

An up-to-date Statewide Staff Development Calendar is posted on TSBVI’s website at <www.tsbvi.edu>.

Through Your Child’s Eyes

Have you ever wondered how your child "sees" the world? Have you ever considered what a world with little or no sight might be like? If these questions seem important to you, then Through Your Child’s Eyes was designed with you in mind. At this workshop you will have the opportunity to:

Target audience: Parents of young or recently diagnosed children with visual impairments, including multiple impairments. This workshop has been scheduled in the following locations:

Corpus Christ: January 8 - 9 2000 
Contact: Joyce West at ESC 2
(361)561-8524 (254)

Waco: February 25 - 27, 2000
Contact; Tina Herzberg at ESC 12 (254) 666 0707 
or Molly O’Leary at TCB(254) 753-1552

Ft. Worth: April 28 - 30, 2000
Contact: Judy Hamilton at TCB(817)926-4646

International Parent to Parent Conference 2000:

"Pioneering Spirit -Blazing New Trails"

May 5 - 7, 2000

Reno Hilton Casino and Resort

in Reno, Nevada

Nevada will be the host for the 10th biennial International Parent-to-Parent Conference, one of the largest conferences of parents and families in the world. It will bring parents/families and professionals from around the world together to share and learn from each other about how best to support families and develop best practices for people with disabilities as we transition into the 21st Century.

Topic areas include:

For more information contact:
Cheryl Dinnell, (702) 784-4921, ext. 2352
or cdinnell@scs.unr.edu



The training is for professionals who work with families and their children who are sensory impaired

Six-day training to be held in El Paso

NOVEMBER 18 & 19, 1999

DECEMBER 9 & 10, 1999

JANUARY 20 & 21, 2000

Six-day training to be held in Austin

MAY 1- 6, 2000

Contact Gigi Newton,
Texas Deaf-Blind Outreach
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

1100 West 45th Austin, TX 79756

(512) 206-9272, newton_g@tsbvi.edu 

Parents as Case Managers Seminar

February 26 - 27, 2000

Galveston, Texas

This seminar is full of information for individuals with disabilities, their  families, educators, caregivers and professionals. Some information is also applicable to the needs of the elderly infirmed.

For registration information, contact Norma Archer at (281) 807-4663 or (281) 315-8811. The seminar includes a 400-page resource manual provided by a grant from the Texas Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Topics include: special needs trust, qualifying for Social Security Disability Income and SSI, guardianship, Social Security Work Incentives, and more.

The TSBVI Website at <www.tsbvi.edu> is constantly being updated. Check it out today for new information about teaching children with visual and multiple impairments.

Regional Workshops

Region 1 Education Service Center

12/10/99 - Braille Strategies & Techniques

Location: McAllen - Doubletree Hotel

Registration Deadline: 11/29/99

Presenter: Debra Sewell, TSBVI Outreach

Audience: VI Teachers

ESC Contact: Peter Graves at (956) 383-5611

Braille strategies and techniques will be explored and the new braille curriculum from Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired will be introduced.

1/28/00 - Advanced MegaDots

Location: Region 1 ESC - AT Lab

Registration Deadline: 1/14/00

Presenters: Linda Chromaster & Peter Graves

Audience: VI Teachers

ESC Contact: Linda Chromaster at (956) 383-5611

Participants must be experienced with MegaDots software. Training will cover import/export of documents, style sheets, find & replace, spell check, textbook formatting, rules files, tabs & tables, use of clipboard, and foreign languages.

2/15/00 - Advanced Abacus

Location: Region 1 ESC

Registration Deadline: 2/01/00

Presenter: Debra Sewell, TSBVI Outreach

Audience: VI Teachers

ESC Contact: Peter Graves at (956) 383-5611

Advanced strategies and techniques will be introduced for the instruction of abacus skills to VI students.

2/22 - 24/00 - Integrating the TEKS

Location: Region 1 ESC - Starr Room

Presenters: Region 1 ESC Staff

Audience: Elementary Teachers

ESC Contact: Harold Mosher at (956) 383-5611

Two-day workshop, with a third day follow up inservice to assist teachers in developing interdisciplinary, thematic lessons to meet TEKS Student Expectations.

2/29 - 3/2/00 - Integrating the TEKS

Location: Weslaco - Victoria Palms Convention Center

Presenters: Region 1 ESC Staff

Audience: Elementary Teachers

ESC Contact: Harold Mosher at (956) 383-5611

Two-day workshop, with a third day follow up inservice to assist teachers in developing interdisciplinary, thematic lessons to meet TEKS Student Expectations.

Region 2 Education Service Center

1/17/00 - LIFE - The Syracuse Curriculum for Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities

Location: Region 2 ESC

Presenters: Debbie Bravenec and Susan Matthews

Audience: Teachers of students with

moderate or severe disabilities

ESC Contact: Debbie Bravenec at (361) 561-8525

Participants will learn strategies for evaluating & revising IEPs; practice writing functional, measurable IEP goals; become familiar with the basics of effective room arrangement; learn strategies for planning and implementing activity-based lessons; review skill sequences for teaching functional academics; and explore possible assistive technology solutions.

Region 3 Education Service Center

11/12/99 - Toilet Training for Students with Autism and other Disabilities

Location: Region 3 ESC

Presenter: Maria Bird Wheeler

Audience: Educators and Parents

ESC Contact: Mary Scott at (361) 573-0731

Maria brings us an excellent guide through the special difficulties encountered when toilet training an individual with autism. Her book brings over 200 toilet training tips, 50 case examples from which you can learn, and 40 "cautions".

Registration Fee: $20 (covers the price of the book)

11/19/99 - Itinerant Vision Teacher Meeting

Location: Region 3 ESC

Presenter: Brian Jones

Audience: Vision Teachers

ESC 3 Contact: Brian Jones at (361) 573-0731

In this meeting vision teachers will have an opportunity to share ideas about working with students who have visual impairments. The discussion will include issues related to ECI and deafblindness.

11/17/99 - The Nuts & Bolts of Transition Planning

Location: Region 3 ESC

Presenter: Nancy Hunter, Transition Spec., ESC 20

Audience: VACs, Transition Specialists and Secondary Diagnosticians for students grades 7 - 12

ESC Contact: Sandi Baecker at (361) 573-0731

A discussion of important issues in transition planning for VAC's and Transition Specialists. Topics will focus on the development of the ITP, federal legal issues involving transition, transition indicators on the DEC, courses credits, and TEKS.

Region 4 Education Service Center

12/2 - 3/99 - "Where Do I Begin?": A Problem-Solving Approach to Address the Needs of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Location: Region 4 ESC

Presenter: Denise Sawan Caruso, CCC-SLP

Audience: SLPs, Educational Diagnosticians, School Psychologists and Teachers of all levels

ESC Contact: Elaine Bergman at (713) 744-6597

Are you constantly seeking problem-solving strategies for children with autism spectrum disorders? This two-day workshop will discuss the ASD/PDD spectrum and the variability of needs for this population of children.

Registration Fee: $50, Non-Region 4 Fee: $75

12/7/99 - Administrative Issues: Supports & Services for Students with Complex Health Care Needs

Location: Region 4 ESC

Presenter: Janet Little Horton

Audience: Campus and District Administrators, Supervisors and Coordinators, K - 12 Educators and School Nurses

ESC Contact: Susan Parker at (713) 744-6398

Registration Fee: $20, Non-Region 4 Fee: $30

12/8 - 9/99 - Consider The Possibilities:

Every Move Counts

Location: Region 4 ESC

Presenter: Jane Korsten, CCC-SLP,

Independent Consultant, Overland Park, KS

Audience: Staff working with students using assistive technology, SLPs, Educational Diagnosticians and related service staff

ESC Contact: Angela Standridge at (713) 744-6831

Registration Fee: $50, Non-Region 4 Fee: $75

Region 7 Education Service Center

12/10/99 - Adaptive Technology Made Simple

Location: Region 7 ESC - Building 1, Preview Center

Presenter: Don Patterson, Lufkin ISD

Audience: VI & Classroom Teachers, Paraprofessionals and Parents

ESC Contact: Susan Bassham at (903) 984-3071

This workshop will include a discussion on Adaptive Technology for VI students and how it can be made simple. Participants will install software and receive hands-on instruction on basic keystrokes needed for accessing the adaptive technology.

Region 20 Education Service Center

1/20 - 21/00 - Assessment & Treatment

of Feeding Disorders Workshop

Location: Region 20 ESC - Conference Center

Presenter: Sandy Mader, M.A., CCC-SLP

Audience: Speech Pathologists, Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Parents and related services personnel

ESC Contact: Britt Green at (210) 370-5431

Neuro-developmental treatment focuses on inhibiting abnormal movement patterns while facilitating normal movements. This program focuses on diagnosis and treatment of oral motor problems and swallowing disorders associated with cerebral palsy. Participants learn to facilitate more normal spoon feeding, cup drinking, biting and chewing, and selection of appropriate foods, utensils and positioning. Children will be present to demonstrate appropriate techniques.

Registration Fee: $25

1/25/00 - Assessment for Transition Planning

Location: Region 20 ESC - Conference Center

Presenter: James Patton, Ph.D., UT Adjunct Professor, Director of Development at Pro-Ed Corporation

Audience: Educational Diagnosticians and licensed specialists in school psychology

ESC Contact: Dee Dee Lewis at (210) 370-5478

This workshop will present a thorough review of the theory and practice of transition planning for individual students. By using the Transition Planning Inventory (TPI) it is possible to identify areas of transition strengths and needs in a manner which is comprehensive and guides further assessment, planning, and/or linkage to services. The process uses formal and informal methods and includes as part of the assessment team the student, the family, and school/community professionals. Knowledge, skills, and behaviors are

1/31 - 2/1/00 - Seating & Access II - Those Students Who Grow Up!

Location: Region 20 ESC - Conference Center

Presenter: Karen Kangas, OTR

Audience: Teachers, Occupational and Physical Therapists and Speech Pathologists

ESC Contact: Britt Green at (210) 370-5431

With students who are non-speaking, have physical disabilities, require alternative access for augmentative communication, power mobility, and other assistive technology there are finally systems at work. With appropriate systems students grow and change. Should the system of seating, access, and technology be replicated or changed? How can we make this complicated transition work? This workshop will explore supporting the continued growth and changes of these students and facing the complicated issues involved. Students will be used as part of the assessment process. Please call Britt Green if you have a student who would benefit.

Workshop Fee: $25

Job Announcement

Spring Branch Independent School District is looking for a Vision Teacher

SBISD is looking for a Vision Specialist who has at least a Bachelor’s degree in a related field, previous teaching experience, a valid Texas teaching certificate, the ability to work effectively with both adults and children, and the physical capacity to assist students with physical disabilities.

Inquiries should be made to: 

Personnel Department

Spring Branch ISD

955 Campbell Road

Houston, Texas 77024

Phone: (713) 464-1511; Fax: (713) 365-4879

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