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Mentor Training Update

By Ruth Ann Marsh, Mentor Coordinator, TSBVI, Outreach

The next two mentor training sessions will be attached to the professional conferences listed below. Now mentors won't have to choose between a conference and mentor training, or ask permission to take yet another trip away from students. Here are the dates:

Mentoring Schedule
Mentor training Conference attached to Location
January 13 - 14 "Helen" January 15 - 16 Austin, TX
April 25 - 26 TAER April 22 - 24 Austin, TX

The Mentor Program will pay for travel to and from the training site. Food and lodging for the mentor training days, including the night prior to the first day of training, will also be provided. Mentors wishing to attend a conference will be responsible for registration fees and other conference related expenses.

The first day of training, Dr. Leslie Huling, an expert in mentoring from Southwest Texas State University, will speak generally about being a mentor. On the second day, the trainees will be divided into two groups, VI mentors and O&M mentors. Each group will have a well-known expert facilitate discussion about the specifics of being a mentor for a new O&M or VI professional.

If you are an experienced O&M specialist or VI teacher in Texas, and are interested in becoming a mentor for an O&M specialist or VI teacher in training, please call Ruth Ann Marsh, Mentor Coordinator at (512) 206-9203 or send an email to

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