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Bring a "Fella" to the Dance: Be a Texas Fellow!

By KC Dignan, Ph.D., Professional Development Coordinator, TSBVI

Abstract: Substantial incentives are provided to Texas Fellows who recruit new VI professionals.

Key Words: visually impaired, blindness, TVI, COMS, recruitment, VI professionals, News & Views

Almost all of us have a story about how one person, one person, affected our lives, and after that the lives of many children and students. Recruiting is most effective when it happens person-to-person. As a VI professional or parent you are a powerful recruiter. We want to recognize your efforts through a new program that acknowledge and rewards the power of that recruiting—"Texas Fellows."

Texas Fellows are special people who take extra steps to recruit VI professionals. Texas Fellows are leaders, helping keep caseloads manageable, and ensuring that students have access to TVIs and COMS.

How do Texas Fellows recruit?

Texas Fellows seek out educators who are curious, good problem-solvers, and committed to students' success. They share stories of success and not frustrations. They know it can take 12-18 months for someone to apply, so they don't give up easily, providing encouragement during the application process.

Texas Fellows understand what future VI professionals want to hear. People want to know that:

Future VI professionals will also want to know why they should work with students with visual impairments. There are many good reasons; these were the most typical from a 2003 national survey:

Any benefits to being a Texas Fellow?

If you are interested in being a Texas Fellow, contact KC Dignan <kcd @ TSBVI.edu> (512-206-9156) for more information. Your candidate must have enrolled in a program (ACP or university) after May 1, 2006 and be taking classes at the time of application. Be a Texas Fellow!

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