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Fall 2005 Table of Contents
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Lions Affordable Hearing Aid Project (AHAP)

Excerpts from www.lionsear.org website

Abstract: Lions Club International Foundation announces development of high quality, affordable hearing aid for income-eligible individuals.

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In 1925, Lions accepted the challenge posed by Helen Keller to help persons who are deaf as well as those who are blind. Lions are involved in a wide spectrum of hearing activities, including recycling hearing aids, provision of hearing aids to individuals, hearing awareness and screenings, sign language classes, recreational camps, hearing dogs, and international medical missions.

Lion Club International Foundation (LCIF), the grant-making arm of Lions Club International, has partnered with Project Impact to develop and manufacture the world's highest quality, affordable hearing aid - branded as the "Lions Affordable Hearing Aid." A clinical trial of this device confirmed that the Lions affordable hearing aid is of superior quality and compares favorably to aids costing $1000 US and more.

Responding to the global problem of hearing impairment, Lions are making available low-cost, quality hearing aids to people who could not otherwise afford them. The Lions Affordable Hearing Aid Project is for low-income people both in developing nations such as India and developed nations such as the United States.

The Lions Affordable Hearing Aid Project is based on the idea of a continuum of care, which includes cooperating with hearing care professionals, serving the low-income individual and combining resources. Through the Lions AHAP, LCIF is distributing the hearing aid at a cost of $90-$120 (depending on volume ordered). The hearing aids, software and manuals are shipped directly to audiologists or board certified hearing instrument specialists. The price does not include fees for hearing tests, ear molds, batteries and hearing aid fittings.

The LionsEar is available through both existing and new Lions hearing programs. Existing programs are defined as those that already provide hearing aids in cooperation with hearing care professionals and have a process in place for identifying eligible recipients. New Lions hearing programs are those that are interested in distributing the LionsEar hearing aid, but do not have an existing structure in place. LCIF will assist Lions clubs and districts that wish to begin distributing the aid.

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