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Get Up and Go

Hadley School for the Blind Press Release, September 8, 2004

Abstract: A press release describing a new course on independent travel.

Key Words:News & Views, Hadley School, blind, visually impaired, deafblind, travel, transportation, independence

Have you given up your car keys because of visual impairment? Kudos to you-such a decision is often very difficult, as car keys seem so entwined with independence. Or, as a non-driver, have you wondered how you were going to get where you need to go? Hadley's new course "Going Places" is for you! Available in large print, Braille, cassette and online, this tuition-free course will help you establish your ability to travel independently.

This course familiarizes you with various transportation issues in North America. It covers the personal and social aspects of being a non-driver. Then it examines the practical implications involved with using alternative means of transportation. It also focuses on specific methods of transportation: walking and biking, public transit and paratransit, as well as taxis and hired drivers. Various issues, like the planning and safety involved with each method of transportation, are explored.

"Being a non-driver should not hamper your independence," says instructor Ginger Irwin. "As you will see, many travel options exist. In fact, you may soon feel quite positive about your non-driver status." This course is open to students in the Adult Continuing Education and High School Programs. Why not enroll in this course now so you can go places with confidence? To do so, just call Student Services at 800.526.9909.

Founded in 1920, The Hadley School for the Blind is one of the largest worldwide educators of persons who are visually impaired. Hadley offers over 90 tuition-free courses to eligible students. The school's students, 10,000 annually, are from all corners of the United States and more than 100 countries. Courses are available to students who are visually impaired, family members and professionals. Visit us on the Web at www.hadley.edu.

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