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Fall 2003 Table of Contents
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American Foundation for the Blind Launches Helen Keller Kids Museum Online

Abstract: Announcement of an online exhibition for children devoted to Helen Keller.

Keywords: blind, deafblind, Helen Keller, history, biography

On June 27, in honor of Helen Heller's birthday, The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) announced the launch of an online multimedia exhibition devoted to Helen Keller (1880-1968). The Helen Keller Kids Museum Online, http://www.afb.org/braillebug/hkmuseum.asp,  is an addition to AFB's award-winning Braille Bug children's web site.

Utilizing AFB's Helen Keller Archives, the museum offers children a guided tour of Helen Keller's remarkably rich life from her early childhood, her adulthood as champion for the blind, to her final years. The exhibit includes rarely seen photographs of Keller, including photographs of Keller with Mark Twain and Charlie Chaplin, as well as video footage of Keller speaking and flying in a biplane. You can read a letter to Keller from Mark Twain as well as a letter Keller wrote to the student body of Germany in 1933 after they burned her book, Out of the Dark. Also featured are "Fun Facts" about Keller and engaging quotes from Keller's lifetime. For schoolchildren working on school projects or reports, there is a recommended reading list and biography of Keller.

As with the rest of the Braille Bug site, the Helen Keller Kids Museum Online is fully accessible to people with disabilities. Visit the museum at http://www.afb.org/braillebug/hkmuseum.asp.

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