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Fall 2003 Table of Contents
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Perceptions of Light - International

Abstract: An announcement about the development of a new photographic book on deafblindness.

Keywords: deafblindness, photography

A number of the staff from Texas Deafblind Outreach were fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the Deaf-Blind International Conference in Toronto this summer. The experience of sharing information and ideas about working with individuals who are deafblind with professionals, family members, and deafblind individuals from all over the world, made a profound impact on them. Learning about work being done on topics like interaction, touch, sexuality education, and research into the impact of sensory deprivation on development left them feeling reinvigorated and challenged to bring back some of the ideas and information to the United States and in particular Texas. One of the other things they brought back to share was an exquisite book titled, Perceptions of Light - Canada, a moving photographic documentary book portraying the personal realities of Canadians who are deafblind. This beautiful book was created by Natalie Schonfeld over the period of six years. It shares through a series of black and white photographs "an intimate portrait of the distinct culture of individuals with deafblindness, and is a testament to their strength and the elevation of the human spirit."

Natalie is about to take on a new project on this topic. She wants to create an international body of work to illustrate the differing realities of the deafblind experience around the world, this new work would be titled, Perceptions of Light - International. She would like to acheive the following goals with this project:

To quote Natalie: "This project will also emphasize those moments of humanity that connect us all: moments of accomplishment, moments of laughter and joy, moments of isolation and struggle, moments of interaction, moments experienced through a different realm of perception." Her hope is that by raising awareness about the lives of peope who are deafblind and by challenging our perceptions of ourselves and of one another, empathy and understanding will be built and ultimately contribute to healthier, more tolerant communities.

If you are interested in learning more about this project , visit Natalie's website at http://www.bbhosting.com/documentos/perceptions/index.html.  If you want to explore becoming part of the development of The Perception of Light - International, contact her by email at natalie.schonfeld@sympatico.ca  phone (416) 889-7761 or mail to 147 Winnett Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6C 3L7 Canada.

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