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Fall 2003 Table of Contents
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CHARGE CD-Rom Now Available

Abstract: An announcement of a new CHARGE CD-Rom developed by Dr. Jan van Dijk.

Keywords: blind, deafblind, CHARGE syndrome, parent education; service provider education

Dr. Jan van Dijk unveiled his new CHARGE CD-Rom at the recent International CHARGE Conference.  "Living with CHARGE: Assessment, Prevention and Intervention of Challenging Behavior" contains up-to-date information about the syndrome.  Using an interactive format, four children are discussed in depth, their behavior is analyzed and suggestions for intervention are discussed or demonstrated.  The CD-Rom will help family members, doctors, teachers and other service providers become more aware of the enormous impact CHARGE has on the unique behavioral and learning challenges of children with this syndrome. Additional information about "Living with CHARGE" can be viewed at www.aapnootmuis.com . To purchase a copy, send a $35 check to:  Joe Franken, 4619 Spyglass Drive, Dallas, Texas 75287. "Pay to the order of" Joe Franken.  Please indicate "CHARGE CD-Rom."

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