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Fall 2002 Table of Contents
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Mail or e-mail your new classifieds to Jim Durkel at:

TSBVI Outreach, 1100 West 45th St., Austin, TX 78756, or JimDurkel@tsbvi.edu.

An up-to-date Statewide Staff Development Calendar is posted on TSBVI's website at http://www.tsbvi.edu/Outreach/vi.htm.

2003 Texas Symposium on Deafblindness

February 7-8, 2003

Radisson Hotel and Suites, Austin

Please make plans to attend the 2003 Texas Symposium on Deafblindness! The event will bring together families of infants and school-aged children with deafblindness and the professionals and paraprofessionals who serve them. They will have the opportunity to hear a host of experts discuss various aspects of programming for children and young adults with deafblindness.

Limited funding is available to assist participating families with costs related to travel, child care, and registration. The Deaf-Blind Multihandicapped Association of Texas will host a Friday evening social for families, providing them a chance to connect with one another for sharing and support.

Topics will include deafblind-specific information on communication, concept development, behavioral issues, active learning, sexuality education, assessment, etiologies, mental health issues, auditory training, cochlear implants, interveners, technology, vocational programming, innovative training in deafblindness for families and more. Some of our featured speakers include Barbara McLetchie, Harry Anderson, Linda Alsop, Marlin Minkin, Millie Smith, Dr. Fareed Khan, Donald Potenski, Pam Ryan, Rand Wrobel, and Robbie Blaha. Several of our sessions will include a case study format. A special awards luncheon will be held on Saturday to honor outstanding family members, professionals, and paraprofessionals for their contribution to individuals with deafblindness.

Out-of-state participants are welcome. Funds are not available from the Texas Deafblind Project to assist these individuals with conference costs.

Registration flyers will be mailed out this fall to our SEE/HEAR readers.

Information will also be available on the TSBVI website at http://www.tsbvi.edu/Outreach/deafblind/symposium.htm

You may also contact Beth Bible at 512-206-9103 or email her at bethbible@tsbvi.edu to request a registration flyer.

Developing Communication Charts for the VI Student With Multiple Impairments

December 3, 2002

Region VI ESC, Huntsville, Texas

Contact: Gwynne Reeves at 936-435-2155

Note: This workshop is from 1:00 PM-3:30 PM


Our Quest: Opportunity*Equality*Justice

December 11-14, 2002

Boston, Massachusetts

The 2002 TASH Conference is a showcase of innovative "how-to" strategies, research, and empowering stories. Each of the over 350 breakout sessions include cutting-edge, practical information about changing images, attitudes, and systems to empower individuals with disabilities and their families.

Contact: 410-828-8274

or email ddotson@tash.org to receive a registration packet by mail or fax or register online at http://www.tash.org/2002conference

Border Conference: Educating Students With Special Needs

December 5, 2002

El Paso Marriott Hotel,

El Paso, Texas

Contact: Rick McCarty at 915-780-5091

Early Intervention/Programming Strategies for Infants with Visual Impairments

December 10 & 11, 2002

Region XI ESC, Ft. Worth, Texas

Presenter: Dr. Virginia Bishop

Contact: Olga Uriegas at 817-740-3627

More Power to You: Using IntelliTools for Students with Visual Impairments

December 13, 2002

Region IV ESC, Houston, Texas

Presenter: Bruce McClanahan,

Washington State School for the Blind

Contact: Karen Crone at

713-744-6324 or kcrone@esc4.net

Strategies for Tactile Learners

December 10, 2002

Spring Branch ISD Support Center,

Houston, Texas

Presenters: Jim Durkel and Ann Rash,

TSBVI Outreach

Contact: Karen Crone at 713-744-6324 or kcrone@esc4.net

Speech Therapy Series Attending, Listening, and Responding: CAPD, ADHD, and Similar Disorders

December 13, 2002

TETN Network broadcast,

Available at all ESCs

Contact: John Bond at (210) 370-5418

Best Practices and Classroom Strategies in Auditory Learning

January 17, 2003

TETN network broadcast

available at all ESCs

Contact: John Bond at 210-370-5418

Texas Focus 2003: Focus on Tactile Learning

June 12 & 13, 2003-- Central Texas

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sally Mangold

Registration information available at: http://www.tsbvi.edu

American Association of the Deaf-Blind--2003 Conference

July 12-18, 2003

San Diego State University

San Diego, California

Contact: AADB,

814 Thayer Ave., Ste. 302, Silver Spring, MD 20910

310-588-8705 (fax) or 510-797-3213 (TTY)


Young Children with Visual Impairments

January 21, 2003

Region IV ESC, Houston, Texas

Presenter: Dr. Virginia Bishop

Contact: Karen Crone at

713-744-6324 or


Vision Loss in the 21st Century--Everybody's Business

An International Symposium Addressing the Impact and Understanding the Challenges of Vision Loss on Society

February 19-22, 2003,

Beverly Hills, California

Contact: AFB Communications,

212-502-7615 or afbnews@afb.net

6th International CHARGE Syndrome Conference

July 25-27, 2003--Cleveland, Ohio

Contact: Dennis O'Toole, (2003 Conference Chair):


13th International World Conference on Deafblindness

August 5-10, 2003

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Contact: Stan Munroe at 519-372-2068

Email: stan.munroe@sympatico.ca

Online: http://www.dbiconferencecanada.com/


April 24-26, 2003

Omni Hotel, Austin, Texas

Contact: Edgenie Bellah at: EdgenieBellah@tsbvi.edu

Technology Distance Ed Presentations for 2002-2003

By Sharon Nichols and Holly Cooper

11/20 Accessibility to OnLine and CD Rom Resources for Students Who Are Blind

12/11 Integrating Low Tech and Switch Activities Into the Classroom

1/15 What are Talking Books and How do my Students Use Them

2/19 Let's Create Switch-Accessible Toys

3/5 Integrating Note Takers Into the General Ed Curriculum

4/16 Routines and Technology: Activities to Make it Work

5/7 Matching Technology to the Student

Math Distance Ed Presentations for 2002-2003

12/4 Consumer Math

1/22 Using Tangibles in Middle School Math

2/26 Preparing Nemeth With the Scientific Notebook

3/26 Elementary Math

Exact times have not yet been determined but all presentations will be in the afternoon. Watch http://www.tsbvi.edu/Outreach/math-de.htm for further information, or contact Jim Durkel at: JimDurkel@tsbvi.edu or (512) 206-9270.

TSBVI Short-Term Programs 2002-2003

Special Programs were developed to serve academic students from Texas who can benefit from a short period of intensive instruction in some area of the expanded core curriculum for visually impaired students. Referrals must come from the local school district (usually the VI teacher). Interested parents should confer with their school district about objectives for their child, and work together to make a referral.

Fall Semester 2002

Dec. 1-6 Math (adapted tools & technology)

Dec. 1-6 Practical Academics (students below grade level)

*Dec. 12-15 Middle School Holiday Gift Making

Spring Semester 2003

Jan. 12-17 High School IEP #2 (same as above)

*Jan. 23-26 Low Vision Weekend (modifications & adaptations)

Feb.9-14 Middle School IEP #2 (same as above)

*Feb. 20-23 Teen Getaway (social enrichment)

Mar.23-28 Secondary IEP #2 (same as above)

*Apr. 5-8 A Capitol Experience (visit & learn about legislature)

Apr.13-17 Elementary IEP #2 (same as above)

*May 1-4 Elementary Austin Experience (social enrichment)

* Asterisks mark Thursday - Sunday events.

Contact: Dr. Lauren Newton, principal

(512) 206 - 9119 or newtonl@tsbvi.edu

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