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Fall 2002 Table of Contents
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What Is (Or Isn't) Happening In Texas With the National Agenda

By Phil Hatlen, Superintendent, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

A few weeks ago a colleague shared with me how excited some of the TSBVI staff were regarding the presentations at AER in Toronto on the National Agenda. And they were wondering what Texas was doing about implementation of the eight goals of the National Agenda. And I think the answer was "…not a whole lot…" In fact, Texas AER decided some years ago to take on one or two goals at a time. And we did well the first few years—we took on goals 6 (assessment) and 7 (materials on time), and Texas looked good on those two. But, it seems that we have lost our focus and momentum with regard to the National Agenda. There are eight goals, and we in Texas aren't doing so well on the other six. Or maybe it's that we don't know how we're doing!

This article will begin a series in See/Hear. For this issue, I am including a recent one-page flyer developed by the National Agenda for local and regional directors of special education (page 30). If you haven't seen this before, I urge you to duplicate it and get it into the hands of special education administrators that you know. Along with this flyer, the National Agenda has two new publications: "The National Agenda: A Parent's Perspective," and "The National Agenda: A Teacher's Perspective." Both of these, as well as the Administrator's flyer, can be downloaded from the TSBVI website. Just go to http://www.tsbvi.edu/agenda/, pull up the National Agenda home page, and you'll find all three.

In the next issue of See/Hear, I'll have a guest author write about the parent's perspective.

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