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Fall 2001 Table of Contents
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Update on Short Classes at TSBVI

By Dr. Lauren Newton, Principal of Special Programs, TSBVI

Short Classes at TSBVI are off to a running start this year. These one-week classes are designed for academic, visually impaired students who attend school in their home district, but would benefit from intensive, individualized instruction on certain IEP objectives. TSBVI staff provide one-to-one instruction in any area related to the expanded core curriculum for the visually impaired. Tutoring on homework is provided to prevent students from falling behind while attending classes.

Due to large enrollment during our first year, the Texas legislature provided funding to add a third teacher, a teacher aide, and additional program funds. The classes for the current school year are listed below. We fill the classes on a first come, first served basis, beginning as early as the spring of the prior school year. Please call me at (512) 206-9119 to discuss programming for your student.

1. Disability-specific workshops with a pre-determined curriculum

Independent Living Skills Two programs - each scheduled for two 3-day weekends

Technology Weeks (secondary students) Each program is one week in length

Math Week (students going into algebra or geometry) -November 25 - 30

Issues in Low Vision (described below) - May 1 - 5

2. Instruction on Student's IEP objectives, selected by LEA & TSBVI

New Class in Low Vision

If we can get enough students, we would like to add a new class from May 1 - 5 for secondary students with low vision. This class was inspired by last summer's Texas Focus conference, which addressed the special needs of students with low vision. The class will address issues such as: self-advocacy, classroom modifications, choices in low vision aids, issues regarding reading medium, unique mobility issues, driving issues, understanding and explaining your vision, and social-emotional issues. If you are interested, please call as soon as possible, so we will know if we have enough students to develop this class.

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