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Abraham Has a Friend

By Olivia Cruz, Parent, Houston, Texas

Abraham started school last year at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. After searching for different programs and options, we made the decision to send him to Austin. He has so few communication skills and so I was afraid for him to be all alone with strangers. Who, and how quickly, would someone be able to understand my son's needs? I asked myself those questions a lot. Abraham and I have lived together all his life. I thought I was the only one who understood every little gesture or sound my son 10 11 made. I knew when he was sick, happy or sad. I was so worried that I hardly slept for weeks. But, Abraham adjusted to his new life and learned his routines. After a few weeks everyone started noticing the positive changes in him.

Jared McGee, Abraham's roommate, has the same abilities as Abraham, but more communication skills. Jared learned to say Abraham's name and called his name all the time, even when he went home on the weekends. The school year ended sooner that we expected. On the last day of school I took a picture of Abraham and Jared for my memory book. This was to help us remember Abraham's first roommate. As we packed Abraham's things, we said goodbyes and wished each other the best. Abraham hugged Jared and said, "Adios." This is Abraham's way of saying goodbye. Abraham and I left to have a busy summer, and before you knew what happened, it was time to go back to school.

After ten weeks of summer vacation, there we were at the registration area. It was crowded with students, parents and staff. Jared walk into the area and called Abraham's name. As Abraham heard his name, he lifted his head and his face lit up as he recognized Jared's voice. With a big smile on his face Abraham said, "AAAH!" Jared called him again, and Abraham answered, "AAAH!" I told him to go and find Jared. Abraham walked with no problem about 12 feet, straight to Jared who was in the middle of that crowed room. With a big scream and a big hug they both welcomed each other to a new year of school. The scene was beautiful.

That was the moment when I realize that all those sleepless nights and tears had paid off. Abraham had a friend! Abraham had made a friend all by himself, without mom's intervention. Abraham surprised me one more time. I am so happy! My son has a friend!

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