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Fall 2000 Volume 5, No. 4


It's ironic how events occur. For the past several weeks I have been busy revising materials for the "Through Your Child's Eyes" workshop. This workshop was developed about ten years ago by Dr. Dixie Mercer and Sue Currey, who at that time worked with VI Outreach. It has been a gift to many Texas families in the early part of their journeys toward understanding their child's disability. I had the privilege of working with Dixie, Sue, and Sue's husband, Jim Currey, when the focus of the workshop was expanded to include families of children with deafblindness. Although others of the Outreach team got involved in different aspects of the workshop when Dixie left Outreach and Sue took a disability retirement, it was always Sue's and Dixie's creation. Sue was very proud of it.

Last week we learned that Sue had passed away. After years of overcoming illness brought on by diabetes, she was gone. Sue was one of the most courageous people I've ever known, though I doubt she would have described herself that way. She just kept fighting back because she loved her life and her husband. She taught me a lot about living with a visually impairment, but she taught me more about life. We shared a love of children and a deep respect for families. She was a friend. I would like to dedicate this edition of SEE/HEAR to her memory.

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