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Fall 2000 Table of Contents
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It's Almost Time for the 2001 Texas Deafblind Census

This is a reminder to parents and professionals about the 2001 Texas Deafblind Census. Each year in Texas and around the country all school-aged children with combined vision and hearing loss are included on a special registry, the Federal Deafblind Census. This information is used to identify both the numbers and needs of children in this country who have unique educational issues resulting from combined vision and hearing loss or deafblindness. It also plays a role in determining grant funds that each state receives to help these children, their families and the professionals working with them. In Texas, these funds flow through the Texas Education Agency to Texas Deafblind Outreach and the Texas Deafblind Census. The funds help families, professionals and paraprofessionals attend workshops and conferences, support the production costs of SEE/HEAR, and many other things. A child with a mild vision loss and/or a mild hearing loss may be eligible for inclusion in this count. While the census is compiled only once a year, children may be added to the census at any time. If you know of children who should be added on the Census, begin the process to get them on there now. For help in determining if your student is eligible, contact your ESC Deafblind Specialist, the Texas Deafblind Census, or Texas Deafblind Outreach. Parents, if you are not sure if your child should be listed on the census, ask your school IEP team to check with these resources.

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