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Fall 2000 Table of Contents
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Mail or e-mail your new classifieds to Jim Durkel at: TSBVI Outreach, 1100 West 45th St., Austin, TX 78756, or JimDurkel@tsbvi.edu

An up-to-date Statewide Staff Development Calendar is posted on TSBVI's website at http://www.tsbvi.edu/Outreach/vi.htm


A Home-Based Model for Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers Who Are Sensory Impaired with Other Disabilities

This six-day training is for professionals who work with these children and their families. If you are interested in attending this training or bringing this training to your area, call Gigi Newton at (512) 206-9272, or e-mail her at GigiNewton@tsbvi.edu

Houston, Texas

Part II- Jan. 30-31 & Feb. 1, 2001

Contact: Jake Pino (713) 744-6378

Mt. Pleasant, Texas

Part I - June 4-6, 2001
Part II - June 27-29, 2001

Contact: Donna Clopton (903) 572-8551

Austin, Texas in May 2001

2001 Texas Symposium on Deafblindness "Communities and Connections"

at the Radisson Hotel Central Dallas

February 16-17, 2001

Texas Deafblind Outreach invites parents, adult family members, and professionals serving or planning to serve individuals with deafblindness (ages 0-22) to attend this event which features state, national and international speakers such as Dr. Jan van Dijk, Dr. Linda Mamer, Dr. Sandra Davenport, Sally and Andrew Prouty, Tom Miller, Barbara Miles, Steve Perreault, Marsha Dunn Klein, Marlyn Minkin, Dr. Lauren Lieberman, Millie Smith, Cathy Allen, Edwin Carter, Rosie Yanez, and others. This conference features general and breakout sessions on topics such as interveners, van Dijk methodology, sexuality, mental health issues, family life, eating issues, recreation and fitness, self-determination, use of routines and calendars, adult services, CHARGE, Usher, and Congenital Rubella Syndromes.

Co-hosting our Friday evening social will be the Deaf-Blind Multihandicapped Association of Texas. There will be a variety of opportunities for networking and socializing including an awards banquet on Saturday honoring individuals who have made a difference in the lives of Texas children with deafblindness.

Registration, travel and child care funding assistance is available to parents and other adult family members from Texas who wish to attend. Limited spaces are available to out-of-state participants.

Registration Rates:

Parents, Family Members, Professionals - $150
Paraprofessionals - Free
Out-of-State Participants - $250

Registration Deadline: January 10, 2001

Moving the Edge

2000 Annual TASH Conference
December 6-9, 2000
The Fontainebleau Hilton Resort and Towers 

Miami Beach, Florida 33140 

For more information Call: (800) 482-TASH (8274) or (410) 828-8274

Website: http://www.tash.org/ 

This year's TASH offers over 300 cutting-edge sessions on issues that affect the lives of people labeled with disabilities, with particular focus on those who have been labeled with "severe or multiple" disabilities. Presenters include people with disabilities, parents, educators, researchers, direct support professionals, and many committed and knowledgeable others who work everyday to ensure the full participation of all! They will be offering practical strategies and information that you can put to use immediately. Representatives of many of the leading disability-related manufacturers, publishers, and suppliers will also be exhibiting.

Regional Workshops

December 1, 2000
Assessing Technology Needs of Students with Visual Impairments

Location: Region IV ESC, Houston, TX
Presenters: Debra Leff, Region XIII ESC and Cecilia Robinson, Region IV ESC
Contact: Cecilia Robinson, (713) 744-6379

December 5-6, 2000
Putting the Pieces Together: Effective Teaching Strategies for Children with Severe Disabilities

Location: Region I ESC, Edinburg TX
Presenters: Sharon Davis, Michelle Goebel and Theresa Spong, Region III ESC
Contact: Peter Graves, (956) 984-6165

December 11, 2000
Braille-N-Speak: Beyond the Basics

Location: Region XIII ESC, Austin, TX
Presenter: Debra Leff, Region XIII ESC
Contact: Debra Leff, (512) 919-5354

December 14-16, 2000
The Arc of Texas and Region XX ESC Present
The 8th Annual Inclusion Works! Conference:  Diversity Shines

Location: San Antonio, TX
Contact: (800) 252-9729

January 24, 2001
Gathering Information and Programming for Students with Visual Impairments
and Profound Disabilities

Location: Region X ESC, Richardson, TX
Presenters: Jenny Lace and Robbie Blaha, TSBVI
Contact: Kitra Hill Gray, (972) 348-1580

January 25, 2001
Meeting the Unique Needs of Students with Hearing and Visual Impairments

Location: Region X ESC, Richardson, TX
Presenters: Jenny Lace and Robbie Blaha, TSBVI
Contact: Kitra Hill Gray, (972) 348-1580

January 29, 2001
Intermediate Level: Using Routines with Students with Multiple Impairments

Location: Region XIII ESC, Austin, TX
Presenter: Millie Smith
Contact: Debra Leff, (512) 919-5354

January 31, 2001
Beginning Level: Using Routines with Students with Multiple Impairments

Location: Region XIII ESC, Austin, TX
Presenter: Millie Smith
Contact: Debra Leff, (512) 919-5354

April 9-11, 2001
Cognitive/Communication Assessment and Interventions for Children with Multiple Disabilities

Presenters: Dr. Charity Rowland and Dr. Phil Schweigert
Location: College Station Conference Center, College Station, TX
Contact: Nodya Thornton, (936) 293-3787

April 19-21, 2001
TAER Conference

Location: Omni Hotels, Corpus Christi, TX
Contact: Pamela Broadston, (806) 742-2345

Spring Short Classes at TSBVI

I. Technology Week (secondary students)

JAWS for Internet - February 25-March 2

II. Math Week (secondary students)

Adaptive Tools & Technology for Accessible Mathematics - April 1-6

III. One-week individualized instruction on specific IEP objective

Students receive one-on-one intensive instruction in any disability-specific IEP objective(s) jointly selected by the LEA and TSBVI.

For additional information, contact:
Dr. Lauren Newton, Principal of Special Programs
phone: (512) 206-9119
e-mail: LaurenNewton@tsbvi.edu  

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