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Another primary focus of the Texas Deafblind Outreach is to provide technical assistance support to schools and programs serving individuals with deafblindness or combined vision and hearing loss who are between the ages of birth and 21 years of age.


Onsite Consultation

Schools and other programs may request technical assistance from Texas Deafblind Outreach to aid them in developing quality programs for their students with deafblindness.  To make a request for an onsite consultation contact your Regional ESC Deafblind Specialist or Cyral Miller at 512-206-9242 or email  Both individual student consultation and theory-to-practice consultation are available.

Training for Educational Interveners

When a school program designates an intervener, they are eligible to receive training and support from the Texas Deafblind Project that includes training provided through annual training events (workshops and conferences), support to go to regional and local training events, training provided one-on-one through onsite consultation to the intervener and team, and information and support through distance education methods such as email and TETN.  Form more information contact Cyral Miller at 512-206-9242 or email

Training to Adult Service Providers

Texas Deafblind Outreach offers four 14-hour trainings on deafblindness each year at various locations around the State for direct-care staff working with individuals who are deafblind in rehabilitative settings and adult group homes.  To learn more about these training opportunities contact David Wiley 512-206-9219 or email

Provide Presentations for Local and Regional Training

Texas Deafblind Outreach staff are available to provide short in-service trainings or longer training events at a local and regional level on a variety of topics related to working with students who are deafblind including communication, orientation and mobility, social issues, transition, grieving, INSITE and other curriculums, sexuality education, recreation and leisure.  A list of topical training  related to students with deafblindness may be downloaded or you may look through a list of events we are sponsoring or co-sponsoring this year.   To request their assistance with a workshop you are planning contact Cyral Miller at 512-206-9242 or email

Supporting Regional ESC Deafblind Specialists

Texas Deafblind Outreach staff provide support to the Regional ESC Deafblind Specialist in working with programs serving students with deafblindness through ongoing training activities, collaboration on onsites, developing family training events and the completion of the Texas Deafblind Census.