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Residential Activities

Residential Programming video

Residential Programming video with audio descriptions

Every student who attends a School Year Short-Term Program class receives residential instruction during their after-school hours. They are also given one hour to work on assignments they bring from home. Our program maximizes every opportunity to provide instruction in the Expanded Core Curriculum skills described below.

  1. Independent Living Skills

    • Food Management (purchasing food, preparing simple foods, eating, setting the table, cleaning up)

    • Self-Management (homework, personal hygiene, time management, organization, clothing care and laundry)

    • Money Management (shopping, purchasing, money concepts)

  2. Social Skills and Self-Determination

    • Getting along with others, having and being a friend

    • Increasing independence

    • Social appropriateness and manners

    • Planning, problem solving and decision making

    • Self-esteem and dealing with emotions

    • Self-advocacy

  3. Recreation and Leisure

    • Enjoyable activities for free time, at home and in the community

    • Enjoying life while alone or with others

    • Physical fitness and nutrition

Residential Staff

Short-Term Programs has a highly dedicated staff that works consistently in all our classes (as opposed to rotating staff). Students attending a Short-Term Programs class are never unsupervised, including an overnight staff person who is awake and making regular room checks throughout the night. Our Health Center is also open at all times.


Short-Term Programs students live in their own dorm while attending a class. Our dormitory was built in 2004, and is especially adapted for visually impaired learners (e.g., kitchen tools, appliances and equipment are marked in braille).

Contacting the Dorm

To reach the dormitory during after-school hours (3:00 PM – 8:00 AM)

Dorm Phone:    512-371-8636

Residential Staff

  • Dorm Manager: Bethany Johnson

  • Residential Instructors: Kellie Tabor, Becky Hill, Levon White

  • Overnight Residential Instructor: Rosland Neal