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Student working at a computer.

Student working at a computer.

Students learned to prepare food, take orders and make deliveries this summer.

TSBVI students singing and playing guitar during the TSBVI School of Rock.

Students learn the importance of knowing braille and reading often.

TSBVI has some of the best teachers in the world! In this photo, a teacher smiles with a student as they practice hand signing.

Photo collage of TSBVI, happy students on a bus and our all-abilities playground.

Photo collage of TSBVI, happy students on a bus and our all-abilities playground.

Young student reading a braille book.

Young student reading a braille book.

Smiling students riding on a school bus.

Smiling students riding on a school bus.

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Q: What if I don't have transportation for my child to attend this summer?

A: TSBVI does not assist with transportation to summer programs. Please arrange your transportation at least a month in advance, so you can let us know if you are unable to get to Austin. Many other students are on the waitlist and want to come if there is an opening.

If you have no family options, ask your child’s Teacher of the Visually Impaired to check if any of these resources are available: 

  • Your DARS/DBS caseworker
  • Your local Lion’s Club
  • Another parent from your area who can give your child a ride
  • Other local charitable organizations

Q: Can I arrive at TSBVI on the Saturday before registration?

A:  No. We will have no staff working on Saturday. We cannot meet any arriving students or families, and all campus functions will be closed.

Q:  Can I bring the forms and money to registration, or do I need to send everything before we come?

A:  If you have not already done so, please mail or fax your “Confirmation of Attendance” or “Transportation Form” immediately to Cathy Olsen in the Admissions Office so that she will know your child's transportation plans. The other forms and money may be brought to the Sunday registration.

Q: I lost the clothing/ packing list and other forms. Can you send me more?

A: Click here to select the document you need:

Q: Do I need to bring bed linens?

A: The only programs that provide linens are Camp Challenge and Life Skills Camps. Everybody else should bring their own linens.

Q: Should my child or I bring cash or checks for the summer program?

A: Either one is fine for programs longer than one week. If you child is only attending a one-week program, then we prefer cash.

Q: Do I have to send the “Physician’s Order for Prescription Medication” form if my child does not take any medications?

A: No.

Q: What if my child does take medications?

A:  In order to be accepted on registration day, your child must have all medications with him or her, in their originally labeled containers. Unlabeled or hand-labeled medications cannot be accepted. Medications will be given exactly as specified on the label.

Q: Who can I call for directions, or on registration day if I get lost?

A:  Here are the directions to TSBVI.  If you forget to bring them, please call security at (512) 844-5173 for directions.

Q: Where do we go to register after we get to the TSBVI campus?

A: There will be large signs posted around campus to direct you where to go when you arrive.

Q: Are there hotels or restaurants near the campus?

A: See “Hotels Near TSBVI” or "Restaurants near campus" for assistance.

Q: Anything else?

A:  Please bring a reusable, washable water bottle for your child to use each day during the hot days of summer. If you do not bring a hat for sun protection, we will ask you to purchase one during registration for a few dollars.

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