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Student reading a tactile graphic

October 18 - 21

Grades 5 - 7

The Tactile Graphics Discovery Quest is a class designed to provide simultaneous tactile graphics instruction to local TVIs and their students1. During the class, students and TVIs journey together to complete the quest, ultimately producing a Tactile Graphics Portfolio that they can take home. Breakout sessions will provide students with instruction on reading tactile graphics and will provide TVIs with instruction on producing tactile graphics, including diagrams, maps, and tables.

TVIs who attend this training will work through the process of creating computer generated, Tiger and Swell paper, and collage tactile graphics to thermoform for their students. This training will be led by Susan O'Brien, M.Ed., braille transcriber/adapted materials training specialist at TSBVI (also known as the "braille goddess").

During the planning phase, the STP coordinator talks with each TVI to discuss current skill levels2, and then identifies a small group of student/TVI teams with relatively similar needs. Group and individual objectives are identified.

At the dorm after school, students practice skills of independent living (e.g., preparing simple meals, serving and cleaning in the kitchen, organizing one’s personal area), as well as social skills, recreation & leisure, and self-determination. We have found that the opportunity to simply be together and share similar challenges can be an invaluable, life-changing experience for students.

At the end of the class, the TSBVI staff and the local TVIs discuss the objectives, instructional strategies, vocabulary, and next steps in order to maintain the students' and the local TVIs' skills with the tactile graphics.

Tactile graphics diagram with braille text
The on-campus workshop is followed later in the year by one or more online sessions to give students and their teachers the opportunity to reconnect, see how things are going, and build upon what was learned during the on-campus workshop.

1 TVI Expenses

  • TSBVI can house TVIs in a dormitory on our campus at no cost if room is available. There will be access to inexpensive meals in our cafeteria or meals can be prepared at the dorm. There are also several good restaurants within walking distance from our campus.
  • TSBVI will pay transportation and all other costs for students; however we will not be able to pay transportation costs for staff. Transportation costs would fall to the school district.
  • This class will be small, so please apply soon.

2 Student prerequisites

For the class, we will need to know:

  • What braille code the student uses (e.g. UEB, EBAE)
  • If the student uses contracted or uncontracted braille
  • If a student is unable to read 18pt font, what device(s) the student uses to access print curriculum

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