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Student reading the bookFeaturing: A Blind Guide to Stinkville by Beth Vrabel

It's Back!

If you missed our Summer Book Club...You have another opportunity to read the amazing book, A Blind Guide to Stinkville by Beth Vrabel and participate in our online course. Refer Now! This course is estimated to begin in January.

Target Audience:  Students in grades 6-8

Course Description:

The School Year Book Club is a unique opportunity for students from across the state to get to know each other while engaging in literacy activities. The book, A Blind Guide to Stinkville, by Beth Vrabel follows the main character, Alice, who faces her visual impairment head on when she moves to a new town with her family. This coming-of-age story centers around ECC themes including social skills, independent living skills, O&M, and self-determination. Students will be given access to the book in print or audio format, will read along during the class, and will engage in discussion via Google Classroom.

Learning Objective:  Students will develop literacy skills by reading the assigned book, analyzing elements of fiction as they pertain to the piece, and providing relevant and meaningful contributions to a group discussion using an online platform.

Length:  Approximately 6-10 Weeks. (Students will read the book on their own time and pace, but there is a structured timeline for students to complete each course section.) 

Important Note:  Students can access the book through the following services:

  • Bookshare: audio version, or ePub version in iBooks
  • BARD-Texas Talking Book Program: Braille and Audio Reading Downloads

If you need help purchasing an accessible version, we will be happy to assist you.

For additional information about this course please contact Kathi Garza at  or 512-206-9446.

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