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Blind students with white canes waiting to cross Congress Avenue, a busy six lane road.

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Training for a Rewarding Career - Teaching Blind Children or Adults (Generous Student Financial Assistance Available)

Northern Illinois University (DeKalb, Illinois) offers a nationally regarded program at the graduate level for individuals who wish to prepare for a rewarding career in teaching blind and visually impaired children or adults. Individuals who choose this career path can anticipate having no difficulty obtaining life-long employment with great job security! In addition to numerous job opportunities, good pay, and excellent job security, individuals who choose this career path experience a sense of meaningfulness not commonly found in other careers. These professionals play a significant role in the lives of blind persons and their families.

Generous student financial assistance is available. We will pay all in-state or out-of-state tuition, all fees, health insurance, and a stipend of $5,200 per calendar year for qualified individuals who wish to come to Northern Illinois University to enroll in the graduate program focusing on special education for blind and visually impaired children or focusing on rehabilitation teaching of blinded adults or orientation and mobility for either group. Applicants may choose one or a combination of the focus areas. For more information, go to the Northern Illinois University website to read about the program.

Interested individuals can contact the coordinator of the program, Gaylen Kapperman, at the following e-mail: or by calling 815-753-8453.

Each cohort begins in the fall semester of each academic year.

FREE TUITION & STIPENDS - Northern Illinois University Visual Disabilities Program

Looking for something to do with your life? How about working with soldiers who have lost their vision?

We have a 22-month training program and very generous financial support. We will pay for all tuition (instate or out-of-state), fees, health insurance, and a yearly stipend of $5,200. The application deadline is April 15, 2011. The program begins on August 22, 2011 with graduation in May, 2013. This is a “one-time” program which may not be repeated in the future unlike the other ongoing programs we offer. Graduates will be employed in vision rehabilitation programs dedicated for work with individuals who have lost their sight and who have served their country in the military.  For more information, go to Northern Illinois University Visual Disabilities Program

Interested individuals can contact the coordinator of the program, Gaylen Kapperman, at the following e-mail: or by calling 815-753-8453.

Inside Line (from Austin American-Statesman)

Inside Line is a FREE 24-hour voice and fax information service and delivers a variety of information to the public through touch-tone telephone.  It is the most extensive service of it’s kind in the area and is promoted daily on page B2 of the Austin American-Statesman newspaper and in appropriate sections.

Inside Line is easy to access and use.  Callers dial 416-5700, or 800-862-8784 and enter the four digit category number to the information they wish to hear.  Fax on Demand or “fax back” will send the caller a free faxed document, usually within a few minutes.

Inside Line is Austin’s choice because it puts answers to thousands of questions right at the callers’ fingertips.  Inside Line delivers both audio and fax information and receives more than 10,000 requests for information every day.  All of the information on Inside Line is current; updated daily, or as news warrants.

On Inside Line you can choose from over 3,000 categories on:

-Business, Finance & News
-StockQuotes and Mutual Funds
-Sports Updates/Contests
-Weather (Local, National, International)
-Horoscopes & Soap Opera Updates
-Local Movie Times on the Austin Film Line
-Restaurant Reviews and Faxed Menus through Menu Phone